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Which Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

The key to good health is pure, contaminant-free, chemical-free, and most importantly fluoride-free water. Today, we will discuss which water filters remove fluoride. Why is it necessary to discuss which water filter removes fluoride? some level of fluoride percent is required in the water, let’s say in our drinking water at least 2 percent of fluorine should be contained. But our daily use water has more than 2 percent fluorine that is not a good thing. Even If we say now the daily usage water have more than 100% fluorine, it would not be wrong. That’s why it is necessary to learn which water filter removes fluoride. let’s start our discussion on which commonly used water filters remove the fluoride and how much percent they remove the fluoride.

Which water filters remove fluoride:

There are only a few water filters that effectively remove fluoride from the water. we have listed some of the commonly used water filters that serve to remove or reduce the fluoride percentage in the water.

Which water filters remove fluoride

List of which water filters remove fluoride:

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
  • Activated Carbon/ Alumina Water Filter
  • De-Ionization Water Filters
  • Whole House Water Filter
  • countertop water Filter
  • MegaHome Distiller water filter
  • Seychelle Bottle Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter to Remove Fluoride:

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process that purifies water by removing all contaminants. These water filters have been widely used to remove fluoride from water. Fluoride is removed from the water using a reverse pressure filtration technique. It removes practically all fluoride and other pollutants from the water. However, one significant disadvantage of this water filter is its high cost. Furthermore, it is not for personal use. Even so, the commercially available ones are reasonably inexpensive and still have high-performance rates. We have also reviewed some of the best filters that can remove fluoride from water.

Activated Carbon/ Alumina Water Filter to Remove fluoride:

Activated carbon or alumina is one of the several water filters that remove fluoride from the water, according to studies undertaken by the Water Quality Association (WQA). Activated carbon water filters are most commonly used in conjunction with other water filters like reverse osmosis and distillation. It is the first and most effective water filter for removing or decreasing fluoride from water. To eliminate fluoride, it uses a different method. All pollutants, including Fluoride, are captured by the carbon paper within the housing. Up to 97 percent of fluoride is removed from the water. The percentage of waste removed is determined by the pH levels. One of the challenges with using these filters is that they require a specific pH level (below 8.5) to function properly.

De-Ionization Filter to remove Fluoride:

Deionization is equivalent to distillation in that it removes ions from water. Both water filters purify the water in approximately the same amount of time. Its top priority is to eliminate all fluoride from the polluted water and purify the ionic material. The non-ionic chemicals in the contaminated water are not treated. They haven’t been removed from the filtered water. However, one significant downside of these filters is their high cost. Even changing the filter is an expensive procedure. Furthermore, it requires that the cartridge be changed on a weekly basis. To put it another way, keeping the water clean necessitates a lot of work.

Whole House Water Filter to Remove Fluoride:

It is a specially designed filter for the whole house or a building. The basic insight of these filters is to providing you chemical-free or fluoride-free pure water for drinking or household usage. Mostly its design with the conjunction of Activated Carbon or Alumina. So, this whole house water filter removes fluoride with the conjunction or support of activated carbon filters. With its large size and multiple features, it can handle loads of up to 8 cartridges at a time.

Countertop Water Filters to Remove Fluoride:

It is a special design filter. It is designed with the notion of a low budget with a high-quality water cleaning grantee. It is the perfect water filter for a single house and provides clean water for at least up to 5 people. It is best to remove fluoride from the supply of water at home. e. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of ranges, allowing you to customize it to your specific needs. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a minimum of 10 liters to a maximum of 50 liters. One of the major advantages of these Countertop water filters is that they do not require weekly maintenance.

MegaHome Distiller water filter to remove Fluoride:

MegaHome also comes in the list of which water filters remove the fluoride. It is one of more innumerable best fluoride removal water filters. It removes the fluoride by doing the distillation process. It takes up to 5 to 6 hours in removing or cleaning the contaminates in the water, if the water is 1 gallon.

MegaHome removes the contaminates or fluoride in 2 steps. The water will get boiled at the degree of 212 Fahrenheit in the first step. While in the second step, all the contaminants or harmful particles, as well fluoride will be removed. It also works with activated carbon to clean water from fluoride. Activated carbon adds an odor to the contaminated-free water and gives a fresh taste to it

Despite all, it has one drawback, that it takes a long time to clean or that the entire procedure takes 6 to 7 hours, and it also consumes a lot of electricity. Aside from being easy to maintain, it is also approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories to remove fluoride from the water.

Seychelle Bottle Water Filter to remove Fluoride:

Seychelles Bottle water filter also has someplace in the list of which water filter remove fluoride. It produces 99.99 percent contaminants free along with fluoride-free water. Furthermore, this filter eliminates up to 99 percent of pathogens as well as 90 percent of fluoride. Besides all, it removes chlorine, hard particles, aluminum, dirt, and many more which makes it a great product.

No doubt, it provides high filtered water but it has some cons. Such as these filters are quite at a high cost as well as require regular maintenance, which itself is a complex process. In some cases, leaks are a problem you have to deal with. The last point to mention is that there is no warranty card included in the overall package of the Seychelles Bottle water filter

Under Sink or Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC Water filter to Remove Fluoride:

Which water filters remove fluoride1

The WD-FRM-8k-DC does the clean process in two steps. Its primary priority is to remove or reduce at least 99.90 percent of fluoride from the water. It does the cleaning or removing the fluoride in the first step. While in the second step, it removes all the other contaminants such as dirt, hard metal particles, chlorine, and many more, etc. One plus point of them under the sink or Woder WD-FRM-8K-DC is, it decreases the level of bad taste, smell and includes odors.

Woder company claims that the process of removing fluoride takes little time and clean 95% fluoride. A decrease in fluoride has been noted by some customers in recent water testing results. On the list of which water filters remove fluoride, this one is also listed.

There are many pros of this filter including, quite cost-friendly, only one-time maintenance need, long-lasting filtration, and high performance of water filtration. Moreover, these water filters are affordable and do the filtration process quite fast, and as well provide the guaranty of fluoride removal. Besides all, it has one con that does not provide the grantee.