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How to Use a Searing Burner On a Gas Grill

It’s boring to have the same taste of food every day. Doesn’t matter if it’s chicken steaks, ribs, or smoked bbq. But the repetition of the same flavor is really very miserable. At least a meat lover can never let it happen. So here I’m gonna reveal to you how to use a searing burner on a gas grill.

The searing burner includes very high-temperature heat with multiple flames. It has a superheat ceramic dish that pours out mid-infrared rays. All it is a powerful cooking gadget which quickly sears meat and browns other things as well. But generally, meats cook atop of it.

You have been cooking a roast for a little while. 

But, now you can sear your BBQ with crusty brown charr mark creating all that flavorful smoke juicy taste that you want.  For those who have not used or heard about it before. So for that matter here we come up with all the benefits and use of a searing burner. 

You can use it easily if it’s provided with your gas grill. It can also sear steaks on a char grill near the move of the grates. So before we come into a discussion about searing burners, let’s get some points clear: what is the purpose of a sear burner? How to searing a meat steak on a gas grill? Are searing burners worth it? 

So hopefully this article makes everything clear about how to use a searing burner on gas grills for you.


What is an infrared searing burner?

Infrared searing burners provide 3 burners that are closer to another under the ceramic side plate. It creates a high-temperature zone that is faster and rapidly searing steaks than any other zone with great speed. It gets enough heat to sear meats, steaks in less time. But possibly the meat is usually seared in this burner.

What is an infrared searing burner

By definition, searing is a procedure to cook meat at high temperatures to create a lump of crusty brown meat. But you don’t always get a crispy texture if you cook at a high temperature. Always apply the high temperature at the beginning when ⅘ done completing then reducing the temperature to absolute done the rest remaining side. 

Searing meats on a searing burner used as a side burner is not so tricky. To make use of it, open the grill top, ignite the grill, just preheat it before and close the lid. Cook for about 15 minutes, increase heat to about 400 degrees C. After getting the aiming temperature, ignite the searing burner to sear the meat steaks. 

The time of swearing is depending on the thickness of your meat. Most people use 4 inch thick pieces in which the completing time is about 4 minutes on each side and then turn over to the other side.

However, it is effortless to use an infrared searing burner for quickly cooking. First, dry your grill and light color. Then make it dry by using a paper towel.

So keep it placed on the burner for 1 minute at an angle of 45 degrees per side. This is the best way to use an infrared searing burner on a gas grill. 

Is Searing Burner worth it?  

The convenient option for searing steaks is to put down grill grates or man grates and just place them above the earlier grates. You don’t require a searing burner for searing meat sticks. The grilling grates do the same thing. Let them burn it and put it on meat. The easy and low-cost way is to make use of a charcoal grill

So the question is whether searing burners is worth it. Definitely, it improves your bbq experience to a whole new level. And give a juicy flavorful taste that you aim to get. It’s a perfect tool for searing sticks and for quick cooking. 

How to sear a steak on the grill?

For searing sticks, the best method is to use a searing burner and grilling. Here are some tips on how to use a searing burner on a gas grill. While it helps you to create a master for perfectly juicy steaks. 

Due to the high ignition of the burner that cooks your meat with maximum extra flavorful tasty.  You just need to marinate it with some dry herbs and marinate or sprinkle some fresh herbs and other elements of smoke into the pan during cooking. 

How to sear a steak on the grill

Season your meat sticks with salt, pepper, and herbs. Heat a skillet at maximum temperature and add oil to it. When oil begins to heat add the steaks and turn the heat from low to medium-high temperature. 

Add butter, cook it from one side for about 5 minutes and continually moisten it with oil or butter in a pan at medium temperature. After completely cooking from one side, flip it to another side. After fully cooking, keep it for about 3 minutes before serving or segments. 

Searing sticks on a gas grill is easy to do just preheat your grill at high temperatures. Then in a large bowl mix all dry herbs, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, thyme leaves, soya sauce, olive oil. Submerge the meat sticks in this marination and place it for 2, 3 hours to set it down completely. 

After marinating, season it by removing the liquid and place it on a preheated high-temperature grill and cook for about 5, 6 minutes from both sides at a medium-low temperature. 

What is the purpose of a searing burner?

Searing burner is a higher-end temperature that includes a gas grill which is a dynamic cooking tool. It utilizes a higher number of compact flames that heat the ceramic plate at maximum providing temperature. Those hot ceramic parts ignite infrared radiation which quickly sears the meat and gives it a crusty brown color. 

Searing burners can also be used as a side burner. You can use the lower portion for pans and pots while the higher standstill for searing meats. 

Its main purpose is to cook your food at a higher temperature within a minimum time. It is a separate section that is given by a gas grill. Sear meats on this burner and move it to the cooler side to cook it through. You don’t need to shut off the lids during the process of searing. 

Grills with searing station step by step:

Whatever you want to cook you need to learn step by step for your ease. Apart from that, unsystematic ways get you confused and you will end up reading discouraged due to a lack of motivation and orderly steps. 

So here you will learn in a few steps about how to use a searing burner on a gas grill. 

Grills with searing station step by step
  • You always preserve your meat in a refrigerator to stay away from rot. So first thing you need to manage the meat to the normal natural reverse temperature. Place it in a safe area before 2, 3 hours. Wait to bring it back to the normal temperature. 
  • After when it comes to the normal temperature and ice melted let it pat dry with the paper towel. If the steaks contain water the taste of searing is not that tasty. After drying the meat, marinate it with salt and pepper and give it 1 hour to immerse in it. 
  • So another step is to prepare the grill grates. To make it ready for searing, grease with oil that helps you not have your steaks stuck to it. There is a high risk that your steaks will stick to it. If you neglect this part. 
  • Now it’s time to fire a gas grill with a searing burner. Don’t forget to take a guideline from the manufacturing instruction of the manual user here. Preheat your gas grill for about 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is ample for searing steaks and gives it a juicy spicy flavor. In help of this, a digital thermostat is much used.
  • It will be getting a big help through the thermometer to test inside the temperature of it. Before placing it on a gas grill. If its temperature is about 300 to 400 degrees then it’s okay to place the meat. But if it’s out of this mention limit then bring it back to this then place it. Now the question is why you need to maintain this temperature. So the answer is to properly cook the meat and bring it a brown crusty color of a char smoked. 
  • When the temperature is under the limit so it’s your turn to place your meat at 45 degrees. After one minute leave the meat at the 90-degree angle to create your sear stick much like restaurant-style taste and color. Then again cook for 1 minute and focus on maintaining its temperature simultaneously. In this way, your food is properly cooked from both sides and browns it with a crusty layer. If you forget the meat at a high temperature then it will burn and if you turn it soon it will remain raw. 
  • So carefully handle it by maintaining the temperature during the procedure of searing to get a tasteful mouth-watering piece of meat.
  • If you have completely done these steps your searing is almost done. Now shift it from searing burner to grilling grates. By using long tongs and using a spoon safely due to extremely hotness.
  • Keep it on a cooler side when gas burners are off from direct heat that is here providing indirect heat. You can also season it again with salt and pepper. Do this process for about 6 minutes and make it flip to the other side as well. So it will uniformly cook with a more delicious taste and is easy to digest. 
  • At Last, it’s time to taste the meat but before serving, make it cool for some time and then divide it into pieces after taking it out from the gas grill. 

The final words:

Now it’s time to end the wording on how to use a searing burner on a gas grill. The whole article will definitely help you a lot. And you will create restaurant-style steaks with a fiery juicy taste. But make your mind before searing meat. It makes no difference what kind of cooking you are up to so always follow the basics and do it with passion. Because cooking is all about culinary arts. And if you love doing the thing you will be more passionate about it. In this way, you will get the desired result which will satisfy you. Happy grilling!