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How to Install Water Filters – Install Complete System Safetly

If you searching for how to install water filters, then you are in right place. Our bodies require contaminated free water in order to remain healthy. So, it is necessary to have your own filter. It is also needed in today’s era.

There are many types of water filters available in the market such as carbon activated, reverse osmosis, and under sink water filters. The working process of every water filter is completely different from other water filters. Also, the process of installation is quite different as well.

So, should we have to learn all types of water filter installation methods? Of course not, here we will make you understand step by step how you can easily install a water filter. After you have followed all of the steps that are needed, you will be able to successfully install a water filter. Let’s get started with the process of how to install water filters.

How to Install water filters:

There are some steps that we are going to list down, just follow the given below steps and successfully install the water filter.

  1. Chose the appropriate water filter
  2. Pour out the Water system
  3. Filter location and Pipes cutting
  4. Connect the Fittings pipes
  5. Water Filter position setting
  6. Open the Valve
How to Install water filters

Choose the appropriate water Filter:

you have to choose the water filter according to your home setting or members. Additionally, you need to check the type of water, which means you need to check what chemicals are in it. Then select the filter type. We have listed down some of the common filter types. Moreover, the size of the filter also matters. Choosing the right water filter for your kitchen will depend on how big it is. let us categorize them. Here are our best portable water filters you can use.

Water Filters types:

  • Activated carbon
  • Ion exchange
  • Reverse Osmosis

Water Filter Size:

  • Whole house system: If your house is big then the whole house system is best for you.
  • CounterTop: If your kitchen size is small then your preference should be CounterTop.
  • Undersink:  It can be used for small kitchen and as well big. Because it is attached under the sink.

Pour out Water system:

Now, after selecting the appropriate water filter, start the procedure of how to install a water filter. You need to tap off all the water supply systems. Turn off the main valve, it would be better. Because it let you save from an unknown incidence. After turning off the main valve, open all the water tabs and drain all the water from the water pipelines.

Filter location and Pipes cutting:

Now, select the most suitable and appropriate location where you should install the water filter. Once you decided the location, mark a cut on the pipe.

One piece of advice for you here, while selecting the water filers installation location, you should see you can easily remove or change the filter here in the future. Because water filters need to be changed once in a month.

Now start cutting the marked pipe with a cutter. you have to remove only that part of the pipe that you marked. For cutting, use

Use a pipe cutter to make two cuts, and remove the marked section of pipe. Additionally, you can use a twisted cutter to cut exactly from the marked pipes. Place the cutter on the pipe and rotate it in a clockwise direction. It will take some minutes to cut into an exact size.

Choose the appropriate water Filter

Connect the Fittings pipes:

Now, in the process of how to install water filters. The next step is to connect the water filters. Use a compression nut, and set the cutting edge of the pipe. Do the same work on both sides of the cut pipe. Because you have to attach the water filter housing between the cutting pipes. First, wrap the thread around the pipe. The layers of the thread should be enough that not create a problem while attaching it to the pipe

Now rotate the filter pipe inside the water pipe and fix it here. Here is an advice, when you fixed the water pipelines with water filter pipe. Cover the pipes with a solution tap. It will help from leakage and prevent any further problems. This fitting should be snug, but should not be over tighten. If you have done this work carefully now next move to the next step.

Water Filter position setting:

Here you will exactly set the water filter position. you will fix the water filter position according to the pressure of the water. Its means you have to place the water filter where the water is coming from. In this way, the water filter pressure can be reduced.

It is the most important step in the process of how to install a water filter. Because all the filtration process will be done here. if you don’t adjust the position of the water filter according to the water pressure, you will have to face a problem later.

When you ensure the position of the water filter, then starting tightening with a compression nut. Place the Compression nuts on the water filter and rotate in a clockwise direction. keep in mind, don’t apply force here. Else the curve will come as a result of a water filter pipe. You can use different wrenches to tightens the fittings and make the water filter position upright.

Open the Valve:

When all the fitting has been fixed. Now it’s time to turn on the main valves and let the water flow inside the water filter. Wait, it is an important step in the process of how to install the water filters. All the working outcome of water filter depends on this step. So, do this step carefully.

When you open the valve, don’t open it in a single swap take your time. According to the researcher, if your open it in a single swap, it may affect the working process of the water filter, and the filter may not last very long.

Now just wait for the tank of water filter to fill up after you have completed the valve opening step. During the process, keep an eye on the water pressure and note the number of times it takes to fill the tank with water. Turn off the valve once the water filter tank is full and let the water filter perform the filtration process. It seems to be working fine. Then the installation process has been completed.

If you see there is a problem in filling the water filter tank and also taking a lot of time in the water filtering process. If that is the case then we recommend you do adjust the position of the water filter. Both the cleaning process and the pressure of the water will be improved.