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How to Grill on a Stove Without a Grill Pan?

Are you on a track about how to grill on a stove without a grill pan?

As we all love the smoky, char, scorching flavor of meats, barbecue, streaks, and other smoky recipes that can only be possible by grill pan. Because not everyone has extra space to do outside grilling in a backyard or outside garden. So now in these modern days, people are barbecuing in their own kitchen on the stovetop with or without a grill pan. 

What if you don’t have that sturdy, heavy-material grill pan. But you want to enjoy that juicy, smoky flavor steak at your home and corn on the steed seasonally. Grill pan does a wonderful job. But in case of no availability of a grill pan, you wanna search for how to grill on a stove without a grill pan. 

Lucky you! Here we have put into words every trick and sharp end that helps you to create the same flavor as outdoor grilling. So now it’s easy if the weather stays indoors and you want to eat those smoke flavoring steaks, and barbecue on a stove without a grill pan. Some of the handy tips that are recommended by master bbq chefs won’t upset you. 

So how to grill on a stove without a grill pan comes to be more convenient by using these tricks. 

Grilling without grill pan:

If you are not fortunate as plenty do not have a huge space for grilling outside or living in an apartment. So you need to learn about how to grill on a stove without a grill pan. As it is not as difficult as its sound. 

To make your summer memorable you will need to learn some great ways to create your grilling like charr smells hotdogs. Its smell begins to drift into your neighborhood. Some people replace the idea if they don’t have a genuine grill and leave this idea of grilling at home. 

How do you expect to enjoy a season of summer without grilling steaks, crusty sausages, smoky ribs, and smoked grill burgers? 

So there are a lot more ways to barbecue without that heavy grill pan and still create the same tastes and delicious scorch-looking bbq on a stove without a grill pan.

Grilling without grill pan

How to grill on the stovetop without a grill pan:

So if you are serious about grilling then you must try it on your stovetop. The best approach is to use a griddle pan, grill on the inner side of it. You will easily get sear meats, chicken and even vegetables char through the grill on a stove without a grill pan.

You can grill indoors on a cast iron pan perfectly. Because the outer layer has seasoning which has extra taste in it through seasoning. And it retains heat greatly. You can even grill burgers at high temperatures in less time. Like you do with an outdoor grill.

So you can get the same scorching bake mark on your meats and sausages. It contains ridges over the surface which give you the same experience as much like outdoor grilling. You can even manage the temperature of it from low to high and grill on a stovetop.

The process of grilling on a stove with a grill pan is quite simple now. You will easily make it whenever you want. Just place your simple pan on a stove to heat.

Add oil for greasing and let it hiss for a moment. Put your meats, veggies on the ridges of the pan. After grilling from one side, turn over the other side and repeat this process again.

How to scorch grill marks without a grill pan 

If you want that grilling mark on your meat, here are some of the few methods of it. 

Through broiler:

it’s a piece of underappreciating kitchen equipment. But now it’s time to use it to heat the broiler. Although it has those ridges that will give your sausages and steaks those char scorch marks. 

Besides, both the broiler and grills cook food at high retaining temperatures and use it on straightforward above heat. It can not give that grill stains and flavor to meat but you get the juicy meat with a fine char at the end. So the broiler works great to prepare food in a quick way and it requires heat directly.

If you don’t have a broiler with your oven you can also place the rack 6 inches aside from it. Hanging on how rapidly you wanna cook your meal. 

Put your food on a broiler pan or either on a cast iron pan. And leave the oven door a little open to make sure that heat continuously stays on it. So the heating components get a good uniform temperature. 

Flip the side when it’s halfway ready. Most of the meats or chops take 10 minutes depending on your craving level of completeness. Chicken, vegetables, fish fillet, steaks, and bbq cook well by using a broiler. 

How to scorch grill marks without a grill pan

By use of smoky elements:

Another way to give that smoky flavor to your food is by using smoky elements. These flavoring and spices can be used by this method which I explained before. Some spices flavors are just like smoke but others add it up before essential ingredients are being ground. 

Marinate your piece of meat with herbs, salt, paprika, and jalapeno powder on meat, chicken, and a fillet of fish. Add oil to a frying pan and toss meats, dust pepper, chipotle powder, hickory salt, and barren chilies. Another choice is to smoke liquid fuel, it’s a chemical form but it gives you all the natural flavors of grilling. Moreover, it is made by using heating woods, gather the smoke. Till it turns into liquid smoke from cooling down.

These are collected into a bottle and filtrate which is contracted in nature so a few drops are enough for a long way. 

The final words on how to grill on a stove without a grill pan:

The important thing is that before grilling indoors anything always preheats your pan, broiler to create that char smoky flavor it does not mean to overcook and burn your grill. But have you ever seen the hot smoky pan if you ever have a Japanese barbeque? 

But grilling does not work in your favor then there are so many alternatives to everything. You can either get those char marks by use of a cast or griddle pan. There is no need to invest your money on costly budget outdoor grillers to create that stormy-looking barbeque treat. So all you need is to gather an abundant amount of grilling ingredients and pick one option from one above them. And start grilling and enjoy at your own place. So let’s arrange a party, invite your guests and start grilling. Happy grilling on a stove without a grill pan.