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How to Descale a Tassimo Coffee Maker with Vinegar

A coffee maker needs to be descaled in order to remain to stand and work properly. Different types of coffee makers are now available in the market, which allows you to enjoy fresh and instant coffee at home. One of them is the Tassimo coffee maker. Easy to use and quite handy in a small size kitchen. Tassimo coffee maker allows you to make multitype of coffee.

The Tassimo coffee maker is well known by coffee lovers. If you want to enjoy the fresh taste and instant coffee every morning before starting your day, then descaling or thoroughly cleaning is necessary to make it new or standard. So, our main agenda is to let you understand how to descale a Tassimo coffee maker with vinegar at home. Moreover, it will not take you much time, if your Tassimo coffee maker has not much buildup of mineral water and leftover coffee.

Leftover minerals and waters bring some sort of smell and even change the taste of coffee. In some cases, it is quite awful or harmful for health. Even doctors suggest you wash or clean the coffee maker mug, jar, etc before making coffee.

Since we love to have a cup of coffee, does not matter evening or morning, or night. So Tassimo is the best coffee maker that lets you enjoy any time anywhere instant and tasteful coffee. De-scaling of the coffee machine has been the same importance as taking coffee has become necessary in our busy lives.

Descaling can be done with the types of chemicals available in the market. Then why we choose vinegar over the available chemicals. Let you understand in a simple way. As our researcher or elders concluded that, homemade things are quite healthy and as well let you live quite long. As compared to the things available in the market. The same principle applies to a coffee maker or machine, if you descale with a shortcut such as chemical then it will lessen the working duration of it.

Vinegar is a disinfection or cleaning agent. Not only it helps to cook, as well in the process of cleaning or descaling kitchen tools. Let us start the procedure of how to descale Tassimo coffee maker with vinegar.

How to Descale Tassimo coffee maker with vinegar:

To make it easy for you, we have listed down the needed things as well the steps required you have to follow. All you have to do is to follow the steps.

What have to prepare:

  1. white vinegar bottle
  2. Filtered water
  3. Big Bowl
  4. Sponge
  5. Dishwashing Liquid ( Should be chemical-free)

How to Descale a Tassimo Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Required Steps in the Procedure fo descale Tassimo coffee maker:

  1. Open the Tassimo coffee maker
  2. Prepare a vinegar solution
  3. Descaling each part with vinegar solution
  4. Filtered water brew

Open the Tassimo coffee maker:

It will easy for you if you have ever read the booklet that comes with the Tassimo coffee maker packing or if you are familiar with each function of the Tassimo coffee maker. We recommend you to read the booklet, this way you will know before if vinegar is a good cleaning agent for this Tassimo coffee maker or not. Moreover, you will get the complete know-how of how to open and close the Tassimo coffee maker. Check out how to descale DeLongi Coffee Maker with Vinegar.

Switch off the coffee maker and open the upper handle where you placed a coffee tin or pack. Pull out the yellow color or orange color service disc. Then open the backside of the maker, where the water jar is place. The is where you place a cup of coffee, which is also quite easy to open and close. Pull this removable ground too.

It is the first and most important step of how to descale a Tassimo coffee maker with vinegar. Because you will know, by open the parts, how much buildup is gathered or stick inside the Tassimo coffee maker. And which part needs more effort for cleaning.

Prepare a vinegar solution:

If you think about it, adding vinegar to water is a simple process. Then you are wrong. I can tell you as much the understanding of machine function is necessary same as the prepare a vinegar solution with care is necessary.

Add half a cup of vinegar in a bowl and one cup of filtered water in it and mix it well. Quantity is the matter here, don’t randomly add vinegar in the water. Carefully measure the quantity of vinegar, if it is half a cup then take water one cup.

How to Descale a Tassimo Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Descaling each part with vinegar solution:

This step has further two steps. In the first step we clean or descale the removable parts, in the 2nd step, we will descale the internal side of the Tassimo coffee maker.

  1. Clean the opened component with plain water and then drop it in the vinegar solution bowl. Give it 20 minutes to make the sticky stain or coffee stain to lose from the opened components. Then wash it with clean water and if necessary you can use a sponge with dishwashing liquid to more or further thoroughly washing. Scrub all the sides of the component with a sponge. The sponge should be soft in quality, which did not leave any scar on the component.
  2. Fill the jar with leftover vinegar solution. And then plug the Tassimo coffee maker on. The Tassimo coffee maker sucks the vinegar solution from the jar, in the first brew cycle. Don’t take it into the cup, wait for a while. So that the vinegar solution can lose the stick stain from inside the machine. After five minutes run the machine, let it brew the solution in the cup. This way, inside the machine all the buildup will come out or be removed.

Filtered water brew:

Last but not least step in the procedure of how to descale Tassimo coffee maker with vinegar is to brew the coffee maker with filtered water. Change the water and again refill with plain water and run the machine.