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How to Descale a Coffee Machine with Citric Acid

It has become a habit of the current era’s people to drink coffee after opening eyes in the early morning. Because of busy working days, it difficult to make coffee manually. Consequently, people use coffee machines to get an instant cup of coffee. If you are also a coffee lover then you so should read this article till the end. Here, we are going to teach you how to descale a coffee machine with citric acid.

We are providing you simple solution to cleaning the coffee machine within minutes at home and the office.

How to descale a coffee machine with citric acid:

It is quite easy to descale a coffee machine with citric acid. You just need to follow the given below steps. Before starting, we suggest you prepare some things that will help in descaling coffee machine.

Things need for descaling a coffee machine:

You have to prepare only two things before starting the procedure of descaling the coffee machine.

  1. Hot water
  2. 3 table citric acid

We have listed down all the steps which you have to follow in the procedure of how to descale a coffee machine with citric acid

  1. Coffee Machine Moveable parts
  2. Solution of Citric Acid and warm water:
  3. Switch on the machine
  4. Let the plain water run in the Coffee machine

Coffee Machine Moveable parts:

Start the procedure with the moveable parts of coffee machines. You have to remove those parts that can be easily removed or at least can be possible remove. Such as the coffee pot and filter basket. These two parts can be easily removed from the coffee maker machine.

How to Descale a Coffee Machine with Citric Acid

We suggest you remove these parts and wash them with the dishwashing liquid. You can also let them soak in the warm water for a while if there is some coffee stain in it. It will help to remove the stain. The temperature of the water should be not too high. Because some coffee maker machine comes with the plastic coffee pot. So, according to the researcher, plastic should be avoided to soak in a hot water. This will help to get rid of any coffee grinds or oil from it.

Sometimes coffee damps outside the filter basket or ground. You can simply clean it with a towel and a soft sponge. The sponge is a better choice, you can use a little dishwashing liquid with water to clean the filter basket. It is necessary to clean both the coffee pot as well as the filter basket carefully.

Solution of Citric Acid and warm water:

Here, make a solution of citric acid and warm water. Because you are doing coffee machine descaling at home. so you have to be careful of some things. Such as the quantity of citric acid and the temperature of warm water.

It is necessary to make the solution carefully, which means it depends on how much citric acid you are using, in this comparative how much warm water will require. Here everything is a ratio. If you are using two tablespoons of citric acid then you will use two cups of water. It means the quantity of water will always be double the citric acid.

Here you will use or put 2 tablespoons of citric acid with 2 cups of warm water in a jar. Mix the solution well and don’t let the citric acid leave in the bottom of the jar. If you have done the solution-making process, go fast and wash your hand. Even we suggest you use a glove before making the citric acid solution. You should have to be extra careful because it is citric acid.

Switch on the machine:

The next step in the process of how to descale of coffee machine with citric acid is to switch on the machine. Since you have filled the pot with a citric acid solution. Go ahead and switch on the machine. Let the solution run each and every corner of the coffee machine.

How to Descale a Coffee Machine with Citric Acid1

This step will help to clean and descale every corner of the coffee machine. Let the solution inside the machine for one hour at least. It will help to lose the stick leftover ingredient from the coffee machine. If you are doing descaling of coffee machine after a long time, then run the machine twice time after one hour. To how long you have to let it sit the citric acid depends on how many days it has been since the descaling.

Let the plain water run in the Coffee machine:

After completing at least one cycle of brewing coffee, then pour out all the citric acid from the coffee machine. In some cases, one cycle of coffee brewing is enough to clean each corner of the machine. But it is not for all types of cases, so switch on the coffee machine at least two times.

Now, after removing all the citric acid solution from the machine. Fill the coffee pot with plain and filtered water and run the machine. After completing one complete cycle of the coffee machine. Pour out all the water and refill it with clean water, run the machine. You have to do this process at least thrice a time. Since you are descaling the coffee machine with citric acid. Then extra care is need while removing the citric acid from the machine.

Here all the steps of how to descale coffee machine with citric acid complete.

In the end, we will give you some suggestions. If you have not done scale for quite a long time, it will leave some bad odor in it as well. Use some easily available things for removing small such as backing soda, coffee leaves, orange peels, etc. Baking soda is the best choice because it is available in almost everyone’s home. Place the baking soda inside the coffee machine for several hours, or you put it inside it for a night.

Here you have successfully completed the process of how to descale coffee machine with citric acid.