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How to Clean Water Filter – Fastest & Easiest Steps

Everyone loves to drink pure, contaminated-free, and chemical-free water. It does mean you need to use a water filter. But how to clean water filter properly? Without a water filter drinking, pure water is not possible nowadays. The water filter devices also need to clean, so that they can clean contaminated water for us. Due to this reason, we are going to give you step by step understanding of how to clean a Water Filter.

    How to Clean Water Filters – a Step by Step Procedure:

    Cleaning the water filter is much better as compared to replacing it again and again. As we know, it is necessary to replace the water filter once a month but replacing brings cost. So, cleaning is a better solution and more cost-effective. Every filter has a different structure, but almost the working principle of everyone is the same. So, we will discuss the basic principle of how to clean a water filter.  Moreover, there are some filters that are commonly in use we will cover the process in our article so that the water used in your coffee is healthy.

    Sediment Water Filters Cleaning Process:

    These water filters use to remove water hardness, particles, unseen iron substances, and clay. If you are using sediment filters, it means you are tackling the water hardness issues. Now it is necessary to clean the water filter on a weekly basis. It is crucial to remove or clean the stay particles from the water filter otherwise it will lead to many dangerous diseases.

    Things required for the Sediment water filter cleaning process:

    • oxalic acid
    • 1-gallon hot water
    • Clean Sponge

    Steps How to clean Sediment Water filter:

    You just need to follow the steps given below on how to clean the water filter.

    1. First, you need to have some sort of acid such as oxalic acid. Oxalic acid works best in the procedure of how to clean water filters. if you have already brought it the oxalic acid then mix it well with at least 1 gallon of clean water. Use a big stick to mix it well.
    2. Now open the water filter housing and pull out the cartridge.
    3. While pulling out the cartridge one thing to keep in mind is that you have to put it back into the exact position after cleaning. So do it slowly and remember each opening step.
    4. Pull out the O-Ring the housing.
    5. Now clean the O-Ring first with an exfoliator, then move on to the housing base. It is advisable to clean the housing on the inside side. Ensure that all particles have been removed. You should repeat these steps twice, and then use an exfoliator to dry the housing.
    6. Now put the housing inside the oxalic mixture solution for 20 minutes.
    7. Now carefully clean the cartridge from outside or inside. If you are enough sure its clean then put it also inside the Oxalic acid mixture solution for 20 minutes. You can let the housing or cartridge in the acid solution infuse for less than 20 minutes. Actually, time depends on how many days after you are doing filter clear. We suggest you let it inside the acid at least 20 because it is the most mattering step in the process of how to clean water filter.
    8. Do the little scrubbing if you see particles are still inside the housing. After 20 minutes pull out the housing and cartridge from the acid.
    9. Now the most important step you have to do in the process of how to clean a water filter is thoroughly clean these two parts with pure water. It must be cleaned until you are sure the acid has been removed
    10. In the end, let the components dry in an open area before you join them together.
    11. Put the filter back in the same position as when you opened it.

    Activated Carbon water filter cleaning process:

    It is the second most commonly used water filter. It helps to remove all the impurities. when the water passes from the carbon water filter it grabs all the impurities inside carbon papers. There are mostly 3 layers of block in the carbon filters. These blocks are solid carbon. Each block is wrapped up with layers of carbon paper. These carbon papers actually play an important role in the process of water cleaning. Moreover, there is a plastic mesh netting that holds the carbon papers. To clean the carbon filter, you have to work on this netting. Follow the given below steps for how to clean water filters.

    Things required for the Activated Carbon water filter cleaning process:

    • Knife
    • Sponge / Exfoliator
    • Bleach
    • 1 Gallon hot water’

    Steps How to clean Activated Carbon Water filter:

    Here are the steps you need to follow to clean the water filter.

    1. The first step is to remove the netting. To remove the netting, you have to use a knife and start cutting around the boundary of the Cartridge. you have to do it to form the top or at the bottom as well. Apply the knife twice times.
    2. Then in the second step, you have to do some cut on blew layer of the paper layers. Each cut should be half-inch distant. It will help you to easily roll back up the papers and let the paper linger in this position.
    3. Now the outside layer of the paper, uncover it.
    4. Clean all the particles, dirt, and clay from the papers and remove all the contaminants from the charcoal’s core.
    5. Scrub the paper with a brush from both sides after putting at least two spoons of bleach on it. It should be cleaned with hot water.
    6. Mix two spoons of bleach in 1 gallon of hot pure water and mix it well. Put the filters inside it for at least 20 minutes or just let the filter soak some in a bleach solution.
    7. Now, it’s time to clean the housing. Clean it thoroughly if there is also some dirt use some hot water and clean it.
    8. While filters are inside the bleach gallon, meanwhile you can clean all the other related things.
    9. Now roll up all the filter papers. It is important to roll up the paper layer tightly because all the water will clean from this. Moreover, it plays an important role in the process of how to clean water filters.
    10. Tie all the paper from the tops with the help of nylon. Don’t forget to trim the excess end of nylon. At least add 3 to 5 nylon ties in the same way.
    11. It is the last step to put everything back to its exact position.

    We suggest you if in any case, in the nonexistence of a paper layer, remove the carbon filter’s outer layer using a scrub pad or iron sponge. By doing so, water filter flow will increase.

    If you properly follow all the steps, you will see better results in water filters including water taste, etc. what’s more fantastic in the procedure of how to clean water filter is you can do it as many times as you want to do, before replacing the water filter.

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Clean Process:

    Reverse Osmosis water filters are also commonly used filters. So, due to this reason, we are making you understand how to clean water filters. It performs its work on two levels. All the active function has been done in the first level. While in the second level, it is responsible for pre-filtering work. Sometimes this water filter works with an activated carbon water filter. Let us start the procedure of how to clean a water filter.

    Things required for the Reverse Osmosis water filter cleaning process:

    Following are things you have to prepare before starting the process of how to clean water filters.

    • I gallon hot water
    • 2 Spoons bleach power/ Dishwashing liquid
    • Wrench

    Steps How to clean Reverse Osmosis Water filter:

    Professional practice is before the start, the cleaning of reverse osmosis water filter, sanitize your hand, wear rubber gloves. Please follow these steps for cleaning the water filter.

    1. Close all the incoming and outgoing water supply to the water filter.
    2. As well drain all the water from the filtration tank or system.
    3. Now open the housing with the help of a wrench and pull out both components including the membrane of reverse osmosis and pre-filter.
    4. Mix 2 spoons of bleach in 1 gallon of hot water. Clean the clay, dirt, chemical with this beach solution. When you purchased a new water filter, an instruction book comes with it. We recommend you to read from the instruction which acid or bleach you should use for cleaning the water filter. It is necessary to get cleaning bleach or cleaning acid information according to your water filter tool from the instruction book. Moreover, it helps in the process of how to clean water filters.
    5. Now clean the housing with a bleach solution. Insert the base housing into the bleach solution and let it remain in it for 10 to 15 minutes.
    6. After cleaning the first level pre-filter, now clean the second level membrane. You can clean the membrane by using a bleach solution or you can also use dishwashing liquid to clean it thoroughly. Clean it properly, we suggest you do the cleaning of this level at least two times. Because here it actually contaminates stores.
    7. After completing the cleaning of both components with bleach solution. Now clean it with plain water and let it soak in the open air.
    8. Everything has been done. It’s time to now assemble it and settled it in a real position.