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How to Clean a Protein Shaker – The Ultimate Guide

Dishes are not the only dirty objects that can bring vengeance, especially shaker bottles. It is best for health to clean the protein shaker bottle after use, although it does not fit in a full wash. But sometimes we forget it in the sink or cooking counter that results in produce some unpleasant smell. We will today make you understand and guide you on how to clean a protein shaker.

There are many ways to clean protein shakers, but each method differs with the type of protein shaker bottle. In our today’s discussion, we will discuss some basic method on how to clean protein shaker. With this method, everyone can easily clean the protein shaker. The only thing you need to do is to follow the basic steps listed below, read on.

How to clean a protein shaker:

Before starting the procedure of how to clean a protein shaker, let us list down some material that we will use in the cleaning process.

Required Material for cleaning a protein shaker:

  • Hot water
  • Dishwashing Liquid

A number of steps for How to clean a protein shaker:

  • 1 Bottle Hot Water and Soap
  • Cover Lids:
  • Straw Cleaners:
  • Hot water and Vinegar:
  • Use Baking Soda or powder to remove bad smell:
  • Steep in herbal Tea
  • Clean With Mouthwashes
  • Pour Vanilla Essence
  • Place Coffee Grinds

1 Bottle Hot Water and Soap:

We are going to start the cleaning process with some basics. Because these are necessary basic when it comes to the protein shaker. First, you have to throw the all-useless water. If a protein shaker bottle has a lot of waste, then put the hot water with some dishwashing liquid. Some things you have to do carefully while adding dishwashing liquid or hot water. The hot water should be at a normal temperature and use good quality dishwashing liquid. Let the hot water or liquid in the bottom of the protein shaker. Also, let the protein shaker in this position for at least 10 minutes. The time varies according to the waste quantity in the bottle. You can adjust the time according to the situation of your protein shaker bottle. By doing so all the waste will come up. Now throw the solution of the protein shaker bottle. And wash it with plain water and use a sponge to clean it more.

 clean the protein Shaker

Cover Lids:

If you forget your protein shaker bottles in a gym bag or car for a while. Then all the protein power and smoothie will dry or be stuck around the lid as well at the top. Now start the cleaning process of it. Make a solution of dishwashing liquid with 1 bottle of hot water. Same here keep the temperature of hot water low. Put the cover lid inside the solution for at least 10 to 15 minutes. After time passed, clean or wash it with plain water till all the stuck protein power or smoothie remove.

Straw Cleaners:

It comes in the third step in the process of how to clean the protein shaker. As you know, straw is the main component of protein shaker because drinking of smoothies will be done by straw. So, carefully perform the cleaning process on the straw.

Use the solution of dishwashing liquid and plain water. Here don’t use hot water. Because straw is made of plastic or rubber-type stuff. So, it is recommended to not use hot water on such type of stuff. Now, insert the straw in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash it with plain water. That’s it.

2nd Method on how to clean protein shaker:

It is also a simple method if the first method does not work for you. You can use 2nd method. Let get started:

Hot water and Vinegar:

In the method, we are simply using vinegar with hot water. Why are we using Vinegar to clean the protein shaker? It is proved by research that Vinegar has some good great effects, such as its natural disinfectant. Moreover, it also uses to eliminate some bad smells or odors.

Pour a mixture of hot water and vinegar into the protein shaker bottle. And cover the lid and leave it for several hours or you can let the solution inside the bottle overnight. In the next step, shake it for thrice time. By shaking thrice, the times, all the stuck protein or smoothies will come up. Now throw all the wasted solution and clean the bottle with plain water. In the last clean the bottle covers thoroughly with the vinegar or plain water solution. Also, pay attention to the bottle lid or straw.

Steps to clean the protein Shaker

Use Baking Soda or powder to remove bad smell:

Sometimes, it does not matter how many times we washed or how many methods we applied to clean the protein shaker. But the smell does not come out or leave the protein shaker bottle.

One of the things I commonly use to get rid of the bad smell is using baking powder. Backing power is a great helper to remove the bad smell. Put one tablespoon of the baking powder and then add some plain water in it. Let the baking powder inside the bottle at least overnight. Backing power grabs all the smell and also it will remove all the waste from the protein shaker bottle.

It is the most effective method in the process of how to clean the protein shaker. If you don’t have enough time to clean the protein shaker thoroughly. Then we recommend you use baking powder to clean it. One advantage of this method is quite easy, you don’t have to go through several steps.

While cleaning the protein shaker with baking Power, don’t forget the cleaning or washing of the lid, and straw.

Steep in herbal Tea:

It is my favorite step in the process of how to clean the protein shaker. choose a herbal tea that has some refreshing fragrance. Make sure the tea you choose has a pleasant aroma, such as a fruity flavor. After completing the all above steps given above, now fill the protein shaker bottle with hot water and precipitate a herbal tea bag in it. And let the teabag in the bottle overnight. Now, when you use it next time a very refreshing smell along with a flavor of the tea will come out.

We personally recommend you to must do this step. We will not say anymore on it. You will find out the result yourself.

Clean With Mouth-washer:

You can clean the protein shaker bottle with a mouth washer. Because mouth washer is a great element in the process of killing the bacteria and as well helps to remove the bad smell as it removes from the mouth.

Follow the basic principle of washing or cleaning protein shakers. Put the half-table spoon mouth washer in the protein shaker and cover it with a lid. Shake it twice or thrice times so that all bacteria or germs remove. Throw it now and wash it with clean water. You can repeat this process if you still feel the bottle is not clean.

How to clean a protein shaker

Pour Vanilla Essence:

Vanilla is used to increase the unique fragrance in the backing eatable. It has one more characteristic that is its helps to remove bad smell. If there is still some unpleasant smell, put 1 spoon of vanilla and let it inside the bottle for several hours or exact 24 hours. With great hope, all the leftover unpleasant smells will remove.

Place Coffee Grinds: 

Coffee grinds do work exactly the same as baking powder did. It will help to deodorizer to remove unpleasant smells. When completes the washing or cleaning of your protein shaker bottle with the methods mentioned above. Now you can leave the dried coffee grounds in the bottle and cover it lit and leave it overnight. The next morning, all the unpleasant odor will be removed.