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How to Clean a Korean BBQ Grill

Are you someone who cares extra about grilling and cleaning? Would you like to know how to clean a Korean BBQ grill in the correct way? You came to the right place. So if you have just bought a new Korean BBQ grill then you must know how to clean a Korean BBQ grill like a pro. It is essential to clean the kitchen equipment after cooking for hygiene and maximize its taste. In Fact, you also want to stay with your product all in good condition for a long time. So if you get tired of its dirt then here are some basic tips that will help you with how to clean a Korean BBQ grill. 

Also if you don’t clean it right away after cooking your meal, it becomes a big mess for you. And you need more elbow grease if it’s not dishwasher bar safe. So buy the one that provides easy cleaning i.e dishwasher-safe. But if you soak in warm water for half an hour this will help to get rid of any hard residue from it very easily. The food does not stick (just like the non-stick pans) to it so it’s the best advice recommended by BBQ experts to not leave it for a longer time. Either will have a harmful effect on it. 

So after cooling down to a normal temperature, immediately clean it. And avoid scrubbing with steel wool as it will damage its outermost surface and seasoning. Most people think the presence of grease and carbon enhances the taste of bbq. This is clearly not true. If you aren’t concerned about its cleaning then it not only tarnishes the taste of your food and perhaps you need to replace it after some time if it gets damaged to your products. 

So the best way to clean up is if you spillover something above it. Sufficient cleaning will elevate your bbq experience to the pro level and save your time from extra elbow greasing. Here are some of the important things you want to learn in order to know how to clean a Korean BBQ grill. 

Wire vs non-stick cleaning tricks: 

Korean Bbq offers two various types of grills, one is the wire grill and the other is non-stick grills. The method of cleaning the grill totally depends on what type you are using frequently. If you are using a wire grill you know well that the burnt is easily stuck to it and that can be a torturous thing to clean this mess. 

That’s a reason most restaurants restore it after quarterly months of use of this wire grill. But if you don’t want to spend extra money for replacing the grill. Then you should clean it sufficiently after everyday use. Because you need a lot of effort to remove the dirt and hard sticky food from it. 

The easier way is to clean it away right after every use and soak it in warm water for an hour. It will help you loosen all the dirt from it from the use of nonabrasive scrub. 

Afterward, just let it toss it away in a dishwasher.  On the contrary, the non-stick grill provides a very easy way as its name implies the food residue doesn’t stick with it. So it cleans rapidly. You don’t even need to immerse it in warm water. Just hold a sponge and eradicate all the dirt from it. Wipe it out with a paper towel or dry it in a rack for drying out completely. 

Avoid using a steel wool scrubber or any other kind of scrub over it. As it coatings and seasoning, the scrub can ruin it all. Always use a soft foam sponge and it is easy to clean. 

What can I submerge my Korean Bbq grill in to clean it?

If you are bothering to clean a Korean BBQ grill and you have already soaked it in warm water. You can add dishwashing soap with it which removes all the odor from it. But do not use any abrasive nature agents. As these high chemicals compounds give a worse impact on it. Or ruin its outer surface by scratching it. 

What can I submerge my Korean Bbq grill in to clean it? How to Clean a Korean BBQ Grill?

Are all Korean grills dishwasher safe? 

Clearly, not all Korean BBQ grills are safe for dishwashers. It totally depends on the quality and reliability of its material and from which brand you bought it.

Most likely but the best way is to always have a look at a manual guide. As it always gives all the guidance including whether it is safe for the dishwasher or not. So the best way to follow a manufacturer manual is for your convenience and easy to use the safety and precautions of the products. If you think that it’s time to change your grill, then check out our list of best gas grills.

Hints for washing a stone grill: 

If you have a stone grill, the first thing you must do is wait for it to get cooler. Don’t be in haste to pour cold refrigerator water on it either, it will damage the grill. Also, don’t detach it from the burner fixer.    

Just persistence by some patience to keep its temperature down in its own way. It takes some time so perhaps better to spend your time in some other ways to kill it. And keep staring at the grill from time to time. 

When it completely melts, wash it with warm water. Now this time you can use your scraper and brush to rinse away all the remaining food and stains. You can add some vinegar as well with water in a ratio of 2:1. As it contains antibacterial properties which are also helpful to remove the residue.

But never use any harsh chemical detergents and other types of highly chemical agents. As these remove all the taste of stones from it. And you know the stone is a natural yield so it gets destroyed and discoloration appears when you apply any harsh chemical compound on it. 

Just dry it with a natural process or by using a dry towel and keep it aside till the next time. 

How to Clean a Korean BBQ Grill? 

Here are some of the easiest hacks about how to clean a Korean BBQ grill. If you are looking for it for so long then probably these are the convenient ways of cleaning your Korean grill. Some of them including,

Simply add salt and hot water to get tons of junk, spread the mixture all over the surface of it then scrub it by using a scrubber brush. In case your grill has more mess then add some extra salt and repeat the process again. 

After washing, dry it out. And rub the olive oil coating to the entire surface including each part and keep soak down at a low heat temperature for seasoning it. Leave the grill for an hour after heating to let it cool down its temperature before storing it in the rack’s moisture-free place.

Cleaning your Korean grill

Baking soda: It is alkaline in nature and does not contain any powerful agents but it also does wondrous for removing dirt in your kitchen. It will also help to get rid of any hard grease when mixing with water. So now here is how to clean a Korean BBQ grill properly. 

  • Dust baking soda on the entire surface of your Korean BBQ grill. Avoid using too much of the product. 
  • Add some water to make a thick mixture like cake batter. Not too much liquidity type that will flow from the grill. 
  • Rub it by using a nonabrasive soft brush or nonscratchers. Till all the baking soda rubs and goes by it. 
  • Wipe it all again before you use the Korean until the next use. 

Vinegar: For effective cleaning vinegar also does a wondrous glow to your kitchen utensils as it looks at first when you buy it. All the hard, tough grease is easy to clean with it. So follow the steps for marvelous cleaning. 

  • In a ratio of 1:1 of vinegar and water. Mix it well and store it in a plastic spray bottle. 
  • Spray the solution on your Korean grill. And leave it on the surface for about half an hour.
  • Now scrub the grill until it gives a natural original look. 
  • Wipe the grill and dry it out till the next use. 

 Wet paper towel: Another best way of cleaning by using steam. For this method, you need a lump of paper towel to apply this effective method follow the steps below.

First of all, allow your grill to keep its temperature down. Make sure to use gloves to save your hand and not to burn a paper towel. 

  • Immerse the paper towel and wipe it to the surface of the grill grate. 
  • Evacuate the grill for about 30 minutes till the water turns steamy. 
  • Now open it and by using a paper towel wipe out the grill completely. 

How to prolong the life of Korean grill: 

How to prolong the life of korean grill

To elongate the life of your Korean bbq grill avoids using any harsh chemical or dishwasher. Always use your hands for washing. As some Korean grills are not dishwasher safe as mentioned in its manufacturing manual. The dishwasher utilizes high heat that will erode it quickly. Soaking in hot water for a longer time is also one of the reasons for making rust. 

Always avoid making use of steel wool on a non-stick grill and use nylon soft scrubbers for cleaning purposes. Like other kitchen utensils, steel wool also damages the surface and makes scratches. 

Sum up: 

There are a number of Korean BBQ grills but its cleaning totally depends on what type you have and which method you prefer for it. Here are some various ways on how to clean a Korean BBQ grill. 

Wire grills soak in warm water help to loosen down all the burnt which will easily rinse by scrub. 

For a non-stick grill, always use a soft sponge to wipe out all the residue. Avoid using a hard and abrasive material sponge as it damages the outer layer of it and results in scratches.

For a stone, the grill uses warm water with vinegar for removing the residue. Freely use a scrub for scrapping hard dirt and food particles from it. But before starting to clean it comes down to the normal cooling temperature for your safety. 

To make things convenient, you should invest your money to buy a Korean grill. As it is so easy to use and convenient to clean. And you don’t need to acquire extra time for its elbow grease cleaning. But anyhow the type of Korean grill you have. Cleaning after cooking maintains its reliability. So I humbly advise you to clean your Korean grill right after preparing your meal. Let’s enjoy grilling with cleaning!