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How to Change Water Filters

Nowadays, the only way to drink contaminant-free, refreshing, clean, and chemical-free water is to use a water filter. A water filter must be present in your home if you are also drinking contaminant-free water. As a result, you must understand How to Change Water Filters. Because every device needs maintenance at least once a week or monthly. So that they can execute it flawlessly. The same principle applies to water filtration systems, which must be changed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Water filter changes allow you to drink pure water regularly. If you want to drink pure water regularly, you should change the water filtration system once a couple of months. This is why we are going to talk about How to change Water Filters System and if you want to know how to clean the water filter read this.

How to change Water Filters?

There is an abundance of water filters available in the market and each water filter requires some steps to change it. Here we are going to discuss some common steps, which you can follow to change any type of water filter.

How to change Water Filters

There are only seven to eight steps in a changing water filter procedure that you have to follow. Let us first take a look at what things you should have before starting the change procedure of the water filter.

Required Things in changing of water filters:

You are required to prepared six things that are listed below:

  1. New compatible water Filter
  2. New O-ring (to prevent from leaking)
  3. Silicon grease or lubricant
  4. Filter wrench
  5. Strap wrench
  6. Plumber tape

New Compatible water Filter:

The first thing you have to prepare in the procedure of how to change the water filter is a new compatible water filter. What does a compatible water filter mean? Its means You have to choose a new water filter that should be compatible with the setup system you already have. Have a look at the best water filters if you haven’t bought it yet.

Things you should keep in mind while selecting a new water filter to change:

  • A filter must be compatible with your water setup system.
  • The new filter must function the same way as the old one.

New O-Ring:

It is the second most important tool you have to put in your prepared things box before starting the procedure of How to change water filters. O-Ring does keep safe the filter from leaking. Might be your old one O-ring does look fine. But it is a best practice to change it with every new water filter changing process. It also makes the life of the water filter long.

Required Things in changing of water filters

Silicon grease or lubricant:

It’s required when a piece of equipment or application needs to tolerate severe temperatures, pressures, or loads. Furthermore, for those applications that entail resisting more resistance devices. Silicon grease facilitates the process of changing water filters by allowing them to tolerate high loads and pressure.

Strap Wrench:

A strap wrench, even though it is not required in the procedure of changing water filters. However, it can help and assist you in unscrewing the filter setting if you run into any problems.

Plumber Tape:

Plumber tape is used to prevent from the water leaking. Due to this reason, plumber tape plays a function in the process of how to change water filters.

We can now quickly change the water filter with the help of all of these items. You don’t have to be concerned if this is your first time changing the water filter. Because we will show you how to change water filters step by step, all you have to do is follow the procedures below:

Required Steps in how to change to water filters:

When it comes to changing water filters, there are simply eight procedures to follow. These steps will make the process of transitioning easier for you. Let’s get this procedure started right away.

  1. Shut off the main valve
  2. Empty the Old Water Filter
  3. Equip the water filter Area
  4. Open the canister
  5. Assess the Filter and clean Housing
  6. Replace the O-Ring
  7. Fit New Filter
  8. Repressurize the system

Shut off the main Valve:

The first step you have to do is to shut off the main valve. This main valve must be located near your water filter system. Or you can turn off the main valve of your house or building from where the water comes in the water filter device or tool. It will be more convenient for you in the procedure of how to change water filters if you entirely turn off the water flow system of your home or building.

When you turn off all the water flow systems at your house, it will put you in a relaxed state or help you to prevent any unexpected incident. Make sure you do this step carefully because it is a more important step in the procedure of how to change the water filter.

One more thing you should do at this step is to find out all the coming and going out of water pipes from the water filter. When you are aware of this in advance, later replacement of the water filter will be easier.

Empty the Old Water Filter:

Before unfasten and moving the old water filter, must extract the water and make it free from pressure. To do this, place the bathtub under the water filter pipe and open its tab. You must have to remove the extra water or pressure before proceeding to the next step of how to change the water filter.

We also suggest you remove all the pressure or water from all coming pipes in the water filter device. Because when you remove old water filter the store water in the pipes will come out and will be difficult to tackle.

If you are living in a multi-story house or building, start by draining the water from the ground floor. As a result, there will be a significant reduction in overall pressure.

Required Steps in how to change to water filters

Equip the water filter Area:

Now, it’s time to change the actual water filter. In this step, you have to prepare the water filter area for the new water filter. Usually in the new water filter device has three valves. Each valve has a different function and its function usually label on it. Moreover, these valves let your controls the coming and going of the water supply of the water filter.

The first valve must be the connection of water flowing inside of water filter device. Don’t turn it on, because at this step you will not let the water flow inside the water filter device. This valve can move at a 90-degree position.

The second valve is to allows water backflow after filtration. you have to turn it off at this stage. First, you have to do all the settings then you will open the first and second valve. It is also possible for this valve to rotate at 90 degrees.

The third valve, last but not least is a road or path between the water filter device or coming water pipes. Through this valve contaminated water come to the water filter device. While you are changing the water filter device, you have to open the valve and let the stored water out.

In every water filter design, these three valves must exist and do the same work.  How to change water filters requires that you remember how the valves work. Moreover, we are suggesting you keep remember the function of all the valves so that once you replace the new filter you can return all the valves in a perfect or exact position where they should be put correctly. Here’s the complete information on how the water filter works.

Open the canister:

You’ll open the filter settings here, and you’ll need Filter Wrench to do so. If this is your first time changing the water filter, you will encounter a problem. You shouldn’t be concerned; this is a typical issue. This is a problem that most people face. There is only one reason why people have trouble with this step:

In the first installation of the water filter device, mostly plumbers do this mistake. They overtightened the water filter base which becomes a big problem in the procedure of how to change water filters.

To overcome this difficulty, you simply have to press the red button. If you have been using the latest tech water filter device, there must be a red button. There is a little label on the top of the red button. You can easily remove the pressure by just pressing the button. Moreover, as a result, if any more water is still trapped inside, that will release automatically. I hope this will solve your problem.

For those who are not using high-tech water filter devices, and still facing this problem. Then you have to do all the work by hand. Try to open the canister by using the strap wrench. Don’t apply too much force. you have to try just one more time. It will open hopefully.

Sometimes, hard water leaves some chemicals such as calcium, clay, and particles that make it hard to remove or unscrew the water filter device. Ensure that you clean it twice so that you will never experience this problem again.

Assess the Filter and clean Housing:

As soon as the filter housing is detached, clean the inner filter as well as the housing. If there is still any water left in the housing or base, pull out all the water. In this step, you have to clean the inner filter and housing carefully. Then move to the next step.

Replace the O-Ring:

Now is the time to replace the O-ring. This is made of rubber and has a circle shape which’s why called an O-Ring. It is placed between the filter bracket and the canister. This O-Ring should be a type of food grade because it will have to consume with water. It will move with the water as it flows or is cleaned.

It is necessary to open the O-ring to remove it. This requires extra care since if you apply force, there is a greater chance of damaging the house. You need to clean the track or area around the O-Ring in order to install a new ring. Additionally, apply some silicone oil or grease with your fingertips on the upper side of the O-ring.

Now it’s time to place the new one between the canister and bracket. The ring should not be folded while being adjusted. As a result, there will be no water leaks. It will automatically adjust if you rotate the ring on the upper side of the housing. It is necessary to have a lot of patience here. While fixing it on the track, be careful not to damage it.

We recommend that you take your time while performing this step. In how to change the water filter, O-Ring is quite an important step.

Fit New Filter:

It is the second last step in the procedure of how to change water filters. Get ready to just install or replace the new filter. It is only two-step work. The two steps involved in it are following:

  1. First, put the new filter into the pure or filtered water and let it incorporate the water as much as it can.
  2. Let the canister or base completely soaks in the fresh air.

Once the filter has incorporated the water and the canister has been soak completely. Now fit the filter in the center of the canister. It should be done with care. It’s the last and most difficult thing to do in the procedure of how to change water filters. Filters with a longer lifespan can fit in the center.

Repressurize the system:

It’s the last and easiest step. You have already completed the procedure of replacing the new filter. All you have to do now is switch on the valves that you turned off at the beginning of the procedure of How to change water filters?

You must go through each valve and turn it on one by one. You are not permitted to switch on all of the valves at once; instead, you must wait at least five minutes between each valve turn-on. Turn on the valve near the water filtration device carefully, rather than pushing it all the way to the 90-degree position in a single blink. If you, do it hastily, the filter net within is likely to break. It will also shorten the life of the water filter.