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Best Salt-Free Water Softeners – Reviews & Buying Guide

The water containing calcium, magnesium is called hard water. We can’t drink hard water as these minerals are removed from the water to make it softer. Making the hard water softener provides many benefits, including preventing scale build-up and blockage, which automatically extends the life of plumbing and appliances.

The best salt-free water softener works by replacing calcium, magnesium ions with sodium ions making the water softer. This whole process takes place in the resin beads. When the hard water passes through the softener, the ions get attracted and attached to the resin beads.



APEC Water

APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15

  • Perfect and safe
  • Flow rate.
  • Best for water.



Hardness NG3

Hardness NG3 Whole House

  • Smart.
  • Cost-effective.
  • UPC certified.



Eddy Electronic

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

  • Replace service.
  • Highly Economical.
  • Friendly.

10 the best salt-free water softener for the whole house:

When you are out in a market, thousands of different brands have amazing features and pros. But here comes the question that what you want is a must. In short, you have to buy a best salt-free water softener that meets all your needs making your work easier.

Before buying any of the salt-free water softeners, you have to see its features, pros, and even cons, so what you have to do is a one-time payment. So here is a detailed review of each of the best salt-free water softeners, which will help you make an easy and beneficial decision.

1. APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15 – Best Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener

APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15

So you are in search of the Best salt-free water softeners? APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15 Premium 15 GPM Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener & Water Conditioner is the best water softener to meet all your needs. One of the special things about this softener is that it has a matching price tag. Additionally, this is the only place where the manufacturer believes that you should get what you pay for. Apart from that, it has a fantastic flow rate of 10 gallons per minute, so you won’t face any problem by having adequate water for your entire home without any pressure drop.

It should be noted that this water softener can only be used in homes having water hardness below 25 grains per gallon. Besides that, there isn’t any need for backwashing, electricity, or salt, so this is a maintenance-free system.

Moreover, with having 10-years of warranty, you can have peace of mind for about 10 years that you don’t have to pay again and again?  The water produced by this filter will have excellent quality. Additionally, there won’t be any slimy feeling on your skin after a shower. So no need to think more; just go and buy this amazing filter.


  • The impressive flow rate of 10GM.
  • You don’t have to do any maintenance.
  • Warranty of about 10-years.
  • Perfect and safe for plants.
  • Best for water hardness below 25 grains per gallon.


  • Very expensive.
  • Not suitable for extra hard water.

Bottom line:

Without a doubt, this the best salt-free water softener is perfect for having an impressive flow rate and 10 years of warranty. Apart from that, you don’t have to pay extra cash or your time on its maintenance so that you can have hassle-free living. But yes, as nothing is entirely perfect, this water softener also has cons, including its price, and this is not suitable for areas having extra hard water.

2. Hardness NG3 Whole House Water Filter & Water Conditioner – Best Easy to Install Compact Water Filter

Hardness NG3 Whole House

are you searching for a water filter that can fit in any size of home? Hardness NG3 Whole House Water Filter will be perfect for you.

The softener will condition the water so all the taps of your home will have high-quality and healthy water. Making this water softener and conditioner amazing is that it is perfect for all water supply systems. In addition to this water system is specially designed for municipal and well water as well.

You can also say that this Hardness NG3 whole house water filter is one of the advanced water filters because its unique design allows you to have maximum water coverage with conditioned water.

This water softener has 5 different stages from which hard water passes to provide benefits that help you get rid of hard water by removing other impurities, sediment, and chlorine. On the other hand, this water softener accomplishes all your needs providing you clean and healthy water for your entire family saving a lot of your money. Have a look at the best iron filters for well water.


  • Compact and smart.
  • Cost-effective service.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Prevent limescale build-up.
  • NSF and UPC certified.


  • Leave water spots on dishes and shower doors.
  • Installation is a big problem.
  • Sometimes, it causes leakage.

Bottom line:

In brief, the NG3 whole house water filter has amazing features, including its compact and smart. The cost-effective service of this filter will give you tension-free and pure water.

Apart from that, you can easily install it in your home or anywhere you want additionally there isn’t any need for maintenance. In addition to pros, there are also cons some of the customers have complained that this filter leaves stains on the shower door and dishes which look awful. Installation of this water filter is also a Hassle with some leaks.

3. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Best Water Softener Alternative

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Have you ever wondered how water descalers work? I’ll tell you how there are two coils placed around the water supply line. These coins alter the adhesion properties of the minerals present in your water. So you can easily flush away everything because they can’t stick to the surfaces. But yes, nothing is removed or added in the water, so yes, all the minerals will be preserved, and there won’t be any TDS.

Along with that, this water descaler can easily work with both well and tap water, so no need to worry at all. You can easily use any pipe, but yes also remember iron and galvanized pipe will not work with this water descaler.

Furthermore, an eddy is constructed to be environment friendly, as while working, you don’t have to add salt so that you can have freshly source water at the end. No salt also means that this eddy descaler is economical. In short, you don’t have to buy bags of salt continuously.

Last but not least, after buying an eddy electronic water descaler, you don’t have to worry about any repair cost as the manufacturer offers a lifetime repair and replacement warranty. In the same way, you will also have a 12-monthly money-back guarantee if you change your mind. So, what to think, just buy this best beneficial electronic water descaler.


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • No need for salt.
  • Highly Economical.
  • Life-time repair and replace service.
  • 12 months money-back guarantee.


  • Doesn’t work for all users.
  • Sometimes, it didn’t reduce hardness.
  • Scaling on faucet pipes.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, while many of the user’s eddy electronics, water descalers are best. But yes, it fails to reduce hardness in some of the areas. But overall, it is environment-friendly and economical as you don’t have to use salt to operate it. Apart from that, its manufacturer has given 12 months of money-back guarantee if you changed your mind. Additionally, you will be having lifetime repair and replacement all services free provided by the company.

4. Watts RV Pro-1000 Grains – Best Portable Water Softener

Watts RV Pro-1000 Grains

Do you need a portable water softener that is user-friendly in the market? If yes, then simply put your hands on the Watts RV Pro-1000 Grains Portable water softener. The reason is that it is trendy in the boating and leisure market. Further, it reduces all the calcium and magnesium, which are the major cause of the hardness of the water. Above all, this brilliant water softener reduces build-up scale in the pipes, extending many water-heating appliances’ lives.

After the testing of several hours, I am here to explain the useful and wonderful features of this system. Firstly, the whole system is very compact and portable. I mean to say that it can be placed anywhere without taking up much space. Besides this, the process of regenerating is also very easy and simple. Moreover, the base of the system is fully cradle, which protects the water softener.

Mainly, the whole system came with a complete set of accurate and exact hardness strips, which allows you to test the results of the water softener by yourself. In addition, this water softener has better maintenance of the pressure which maximizes the mixing effect of salt. In this way, the capacity of regeneration is increased to almost 55%.

The whole weight of the water softener is about 9 pounds with dimensions of almost 22 × 10 × 10 inches. In addition, the water softener also has durable gold resin, which helps the system perform correctly for several years. You can also check out the best countertop water filters we have reviewed so far.


  • Custom designed flow valves used for regeneration
  • Has an in-drain line flow restrictor
  • 55% improved regeneration capacity
  • 4 GPM flow rates
  • Portable water softener
  • Easy to install and use


  • Don’t make the water salt free
  • It starts leaking slightly after a couple of months

Bottom line:

In brief, this the Watts RV Pro-1000 Grains is the best salt-free water softener has more unique features with an affordable price range, so I suggest you all try this softener once in a lifetime. Otherwise, you will miss the real testing of the purification of water.

5. On the Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable Water Softener – Best water softner

On the Go OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable

Do you want to buy the best salt-free water softener that removes all the calcium, magnesium and reduces the amount of iron from the water? If yes, then you must put your hands on the OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable water filter without any delay.

Well, it is a cost-effective system that makes water pure and clean for the protection of your skin and body. Moreover, this water softener will eliminate all the hardness and improve your lifestyle. If you face dry skin or dandruff problems, the water softener will enhance the water quality for your daily use.

Wait! Let me explain the outstanding features of this system, and these softeners will surely win your hearts. First of all, the system uses table salt for regeneration purposes, making it a cost-effective softener. Secondly, it is very light and compact. I mean to say that you can install this softener at any desired place.

Thirdly, this system can work for about 40 days without any replacement between the cycles of regeneration. Above all, it came with a premium grain capacity of about 16,000, which can easily improve the value of your RV.

In addition, the system comes with a total of 5 stages of water softening. Besides this, the installation is very simple. For installation, a hose connection is required, and no extra tools are needed. On the contrary, the system’s total weight is about 32 pounds with dimensions of almost 23.4 × 11 × 10.8 inches.


  • Double standard conditioner and water softener
  • Softs 1600 water gallons up to 40 days
  • Require 30 minutes to regenerate
  • Compact and space saver design
  • It comes with a cap and plugs to prevent leakage


  • Requires table salt for regeneration
  • Does Not remove salt from the water properly

Bottom line:

According to my experience and testing, I generally recommend you all to buy an OTG4-DBLSOFT-Portable water softener because the performance and work are incredible. So, place your order and get it on your doorstep.

6. Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System – Best budget water system

Capacitive Electronic Water

Are you tired of water rust and limescale effects? And now want to have a water softener system to get rust, and salt-free water then goes with “Capacitive electronic water declare system.” It’s one of the whole water systems that is the best alternative used for salt-free water softener. Using the electricity impulse, this unit works.

Firstly, this water system is fully electric-based and controlled by an electric computerized microchip. It’s used to transmit signal frequency through the ultra-flare impulse bands around the pipe. These particular bands turn the crystals in water via a frequency field, and then water flows. For sure, these crystals don’t stick to one another to form a limescale and break appliances.

Secondly, it works ideally for pipe system blockage, high heating, rust accumulation in water pipes, bacterial growth in drinking water, dull surfaces, and much more. Furthermore, the significant improvement in water after its installation can be seen clearly after 3 months.

Thirdly, there are no specialized tools for its installation as it gets done within 15 minutes only. It perfectly works with any pipe type, either copper, plastic, stainless steel, or others. Mainly this whole house water system works and is controlled using a single computerized microchip.

The reason behind why I took and tested this water softener is its splendid features. Somehow it’s not a water softener, yet it descales the units for improving the lathering soap and keeps users safe from dry skin, itchy scalp, split ends, and much more.


  • Perfectly deals with blocked water pipes
  • Works reliably for all pipe types
  • Treats 3500-liter water per hour
  • Protects user from dry scalp, dry skin, hair fall, and much more
  • It does Not require salt to add to the water supply


  • Little pricey
  • Not good for all

Bottom line:

On the whole, I must say that go with this water system that’s an alternative to water softener when you don’t have plumbing knowledge as it gets installed within a few minutes without requiring tools and plumber assistance. Irs provides 99% efficient 3500-liter water that’s free from salt.

7. Watts Premier OFPSYS – Best Whole House water system

Watts Premier OFPSYS

Another water system for getting salt-free water is the best solution to your dry skin problems. Here we come up with another the best salt-free water softener named “Watts Premier OFPSYS whole house one flow plus.” This salt-free water softener ensures prevention from hard water scaling. Particularly for better water tasting, it removes and reduces hard water scales that build the appliances and water pipes.

Firstly, it makes water purified and makes it free from contaminants. The TAC technology being its main feature, assists in the crystallization process. Secondly, its high capacity makes it ideal for whole-house use. Its OneFlow+ water filtration system removes not only harmful contaminants but also prevents your appliances, water pipes from scaling due to hard water.

Thirdly the TAC technology is Template Assisted crystallization which first attracts and then turns the water minerals hardness to crystals. Further, these turned crystals flow freely without harming the water pipes and appliances from scaling.

Moreover, this whole house water softener system supplies odor-free, great-tasting clean water. Its carbon filter reduces the harmful sediments from water. Nowadays, the municipalities are banning the old traditional water softeners due to an increase in water waste.


  • Ideal whole house filter comes with bypass
  • Provides up to 50000 gallons of odor-free water
  • Improves the efficiency of home appliances
  • Users can get great-tasting water in every tap after installation.


  • Water flows slightly low after replacement.
  • Sometimes clogged with sand

Bottom line:

Concluding the entire review, if you want softener salt-free water in every tap of your home, then go with this water system. It’s ideal for a large family, and the thing because I liked it is it’s a pretty high capacity of up to 50000 gallons. So, proceed with this water softener.

8. NuvoH2O Home Water Softener System – Best compact water softener

NuvoH2O Home Water

Do you need a whole home salt-free water softener system at an affordable price? Then this “NuvoH20 home water softener system” is for you. It’s there to support your water system to win against the hard water. Particularly the Citracharge technology of this water system prevents hard water and removes sediments etc.

Firstly, this water system builds up water pipes to supply purified and soft water throughout the house. Indeed, it’s one of the best salt-free water softeners, which neither need the addition of environmentally damaging salt nor electricity for the supply of soft water.

Secondly, this salt-free water system prevents your home appliances from damaging due to hard water and chemicals. The water system by this brand improves the performance of your home appliances, including water heater, water pipes, etc., and extends their life.

Thirdly, it requires replacing its cartridges after every 6 months. It is mainly designed for homes having 1500Sq, height having a few residents. Furthermore, it’s pretty compact and slim so that it can be fixed anywhere. Also, it removes hard water effects left behind in water such as chemicals, rust, etc.

As salt-based water systems ensure rust-free water similarly, this salt-free water softener ensures 98% hard water scale prevention water. It comes with 5 years long warranty.


  • Perfect salt-free water softener
  • Ensures 98% prevention against hard water scales
  • Easy to operate and use compact design
  • No salt, no water waste, and no electricity water system
  • Efficient performance enhances the life of appliances


  • Requires plumber for installation
  • Not much durable, particularly in hot weather conditions

Bottom line:

Above all, now your search for finding the best salt-free water system has ended with this water system’s arrival. I loved it because it’s free from salt, electricity and does not make water waste. Also, its pretty compact design and warranty are a few features that make the user happier for it.

9. Aquasana Rhino – Best whole house water system and conditioner

Aquasana Rhino

There are different versions of aquasana Rhino water filters, but the best and biggest while house unit is Rhino EQ-1000. It delivers water with great taste, and you will have chlorine-free tap water. You can use up to 1 million gallons for about 10 years. You were coming towards the flow rate, which is 7 gallons per minute so that you can use it for the families containing up to 4 members. Apart from that, while using Aquasana Rhino, you will never experience water drop as it is built up with good pressure.

Additionally, the 5-micron pre-filter can easily catch rust, sediment, and silt from your municipal water. The main goal of this amazing filter is to deliver quality and healthy water. Moreover, its carbon filters are activated to remove chemicals and VOCs, including herbicides and pesticides, from water.

The cost-effective Aquasana Rhino can also increase water PH to make it even healthier and taste good. The best thing about this filter is that a simple upgrade can easily enhance its work and make it even more effective. These slight upgrades, which are optional, can include adding a salt-free water softener.

Calling it a descaler will be perfect. This will reduce scale build-up in the pipes, which can cause leakage and blocking. At the same time, this filter will also help you to produce better lather formation while using soap or surf. All this will simply make your work economical by saving a lot of your money.


  • Clean water from every outlet in your house.
  • Chlorine removal is about 96.9%.
  • It can easily clean for
  • up to 1000,000 gallons for 10 years or more.
  • Clean water throughout your entire house
  • Provide chemical-free water.


  • Didn’t have an additional certification from NSF standards.
  • The plastic fitting can do leakage & make installation complicated.

Bottom line:

If you are in search of a water filter that is odor-free, have clean tasting water. Many people don’t care about removing contaminants, so they go with Aquasana Rhino as their best choice. But aside from its pros, there are many of its cons, including additional certification from NSF, so there isn’t any guarantee of how many years it will work for you.

10. P3 P7920 Chemical-Free Water Conditioner – Best compact water system

P3 P7920 Chemical-Free

If you are annoyed by the problem of limescale that is continuously deposited and time reaches, it turns into a stone. It is a severe issue in every home. After that, water pressure is reduced. The water conditioner reduces the level of limescale in pipelines and machines. The problem of limescale is common everywhere. In this issue, deposits of calcium carbonate from inside pipelines, machines, and kettles, etc.

This water can be installed easily on any pipes having chemical deposits inside. A chemical-free water conditioner is its best solution. This P3 7920 chemical-free conditioner polarized the salt particles present in that hard water with the help of two very strong magnets.

Moreover, this chemical-free water filter has a reasonable weight of 10 oz. It has a comfortable length of 7 inches. Even more, its design and appearance are very beautiful and available in a classy white color.


  • Affordable price and doesn’t need maintenance.
  •  100% healthy and Original water taste.
  • Uses the poly Vinyl Chloride for salt polarization.
  •  Has strong Magnets for polarization.
  •  Free operational cost and does not require battery


  • Difficulty in sliding.

Bottom Line:

Here are the final words for the P3 7920 water conditioner. It reduces the chemical deposits inside the pipelines and normalizes the water flow. It uses polyvinyl chloride and ceramic ferrite magnets that polarize the salt particles of the water. Aside from that, it has 10 years of long guarantee that is its remarkable feature. Moreover, it does not change the original taste of the water. No one wants to compromise on the nutritional requirement of the water. So, it is the best option because it fills all health requirements. Even more, it is long-lasting and does not need regular maintenance.

Buying guide for the best salt-free water softener


The best salt-free water softener is used to remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from the water to make hard water softer. There are many benefits of a water softener as it prevents scale build-up and blockage from extending the life of plumbing and appliances. Before buying a salt-free water softener, there are several things to consider as these things will help you choose the right. Making the right choice will help you end up having a system that works efficiently for a long time.

What type of system do you need?

Before choosing the water softener, you have to confirm what problems you are facing and what system will help you solve your problems. It is best to buy a water treatment analyzed by the professionals and considered to solve all the conditions. Once the analysis is done, then you can have the right water system. The best choice is to buy a water softener to know precisely what it does and how it works. Additionally, don’t forget to make sure you are not expecting too much or too little according to the purchase.

Get high-quality components and a metered style valve:

Always remember that good water softeners have quality components and a metered-style valve, which makes the water softener last long and work more efficiently. Having high-quality components makes the water softer expensive, but these high-quality components can make it last for years, so you don’t have to pay again and again. Apart from that, the metered style valve less the operating cost and make it run for too long. Poor components need replacements again, making the long-term cost much more than you realized.

Additionally, with a metered style valve, you can also set different hardness levels according to the people living in a house. With this setting, the system gets its automatic clean up making the system cost-effective.

Purchase the right size system according to your home:

The water is softer for you but should depend on the family member living in the house and using the water softer. There isn’t any specific size of the water softer, so its flow rate and water hardness level should be checked before buying. Too small a system in a big family will reduce the lifespan of the components, which will cost you money for its replacements. Not only this, a too-large system will have a lot of sanitary problems by wasting a lot of salt and water. So, make sure to buy a system that fits exactly in your family size and works more efficiently. So, you don’t have to pay after every month on its components.

Test your water before buying a water softener:

Sometimes water needs proper treatment, not only a water softener to prevent any ill effects on your health. Maybe you also need water filtration with a water softener system. Buying a system having both qualities can save you money and work better. If you are using city water, go to your local water district and request a water analysis copy. Some people prefer a water filter with a water softener even though the analysis report shows no problem. This is because of taste or sometimes particulate issues in the home.

FAQs about salt-free water softeners:

Before buying anything, many different questions come to our minds about buying a salt-free water softener. A few of them are listed below, which will clear almost all of your queries.

Which is better, salt or salt-free water softener?

A saltwater softener will be your best choice because the salt-free softeners build crystals or hardness; however, the minerals remain in your water. These crystals are the main cause of scale build-up in your pipes.

Is it better to drink hard or soft water?

Soft water contains low minerals as compared to hard water. That is why soft water drinking is worse than drinking hard water because of its few health benefits.

Can bacteria grow in a water softener?

Bacteria and fungi can easily grow in a water softener when your water softener is not disinfected before softening.

Why are water softeners bad?

If we talk about the safety of water softeners, then, unfortunately, salt-free water softeners can cause a lot of different environmental problems. The salt build-up in an aquatic environment is a hassle as all the water softeners release chloride salts.

Can you soften water without salt?

A Salt-free water softener doesn’t soften water, as they only crystalize the calcium. On the other hand, salt-based water softeners remove all the minerals and also lower the hardness.


Always make your choice with care before buying the best salt free water softener. You need to be sure that the system you are buying should work smoothly and efficiently for a long time, so you don’t have to pay again and again. You can easily pass years without worrying about the water softener. This is very important to test the water before buying a water softener as sometimes water needs proper treatment before making it soft for use. For your ease we listed our tested top 10 water softeners. But if you are still undecide than consider these 2 top notch salt free water softeners to get clean and salt free water.

  • APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15
  • Hardness NG3 Whole House Water Filter & Water Conditioner