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Best Portable Water Filter – Reviews & Buying Guide

The very first priority of any person is to drink clean and healthy Water. The best portable water filter keeps you healthy and fresh. Moreover, no matter where you live, your access to pure water is critical. Besides, whether you are traveling for either a short or a long trip or hiking in the mountains, drinking pure Water is crucial.

Additionally, for this reason, portable water filters are there to help you purify Water ready for drinking. Even more, these water filters are so small that you can easily fix them inside your backpack without any trouble. Furthermore, the most amazing fact about this portable filter is that it can easily remove impurities from any water source.




LifeStraw Personal Water

  • Light in weight
  • Portable
  • filtered Water



Brita Plastic

Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottl

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • healthy lifestyle



LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw Go Water

  • Portable
  • Affordable price
  • small particles

Our Tested 10 the Best Portable Water Filters:

Indeed a portable water filter must be there when you leave for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. The best portable water filter does much for the sake of keeping you healthy even when you are not at home.

Below we have given a list of the top 10 portable water filters for hiking that we have tested so far. Therefore, we have asked you to go through them and pick one that’s pretty close to your needs.

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking  – Best Filter for Hiking

LifeStraw Personal Water

The first water filter on the list is the life straw personal water filter which is truly the best match for campers, hikers, and travelers. Besides, every human needs to drink safe and freshwater no matter what. If the Water is not safe, it is not one for consumption. Furthermore, a life straw water filter is intended to provide 792 gallons of pure and safe drinking water. Additionally, this water filter does not use any kind of chemicals or iodine.

However, this one is the most useful water filter one can choose. Apart from that, there is no such shelf life. Hence, the filter is usable after multiple uses too. In addition to this, lifestraw water filters are the best and perfect match for your family.

Even more, it is a great investment that one can make to have readily available pure drinking water. Also, the filter has ideal size and weight, which again makes things convenient for the users. The hikers and campers usually buy this filter as they don’t have to carry much weight.

Besides that, the water filter comes with a 1-year warranty, so if the users have any issues, they can easily sort it with the support team. Besides that, the water filter is highly portable that no one can deny. If you want convenience and consider it as your first and foremost priority, you must opt for this water filter as it is an excellent product for getting safe and pure drinking water.


  • Removes all types of bacteria
  • It makes Water ready to drink
  • Prevent bacterias from entering the filtered Water
  • Filters water within almost no time
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Light in weight


  • Not suitable for homes
  • Unreliable
  • Cheap quality

Bottom line

Lifestraw water filter is a great investment if you are ready to travel, hike, or camp. Besides, it is the perfect match for people out of electricity when traveling, hiking, or camping. Aside from that, this water filter increases the convenience level of all travelers because despite being away from home, they can enjoy fresh and clean Water through this water filter. Additionally, this water filter eventually removes all the bacterias from the Water to fit for drinking. Besides, there are other water filters, but the lifestraw water filter is the most convenient one.

2. Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle – Best filter water bottle

Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottl

Another water filter on the list with incredible features is the Brita plastic water filter. Moreover, these types of water filters come with super quality and durability too.

Aside from that, you may have to replace them after sometimes but they are great for filtering water. Furthermore, this BPA-free Brita water filter capacitates 26 oz of Water. Also, this filter comes with a straw that you can fit inside the filter to get superior quality water with great taste.

However, the most amazing thing about the filter is that your Water is not going anywhere, meaning it does not waste your Water. In addition to this, the Brita filter helps you save a lot of money along with the replacement of 1800 single-use plastic water bottles per year.

Apart from that, this water filter keeps you hydrated no matter where you are. Moreover, there is no leakage issue with the water filter. One can conveniently use it without any issues or troubles. Furthermore, the filter comes with a built-in carrying look that helps you carry the filter easily. Apart from that, the filter has an amazing opening and closing lid, which prevents leakage.

Additionally, if you are more into cleaning, this water filter is dishwasher safe, and you can easily put it in the washer and wash it as per your desire. The water filter has an ideal size which makes it stand out among other portable water filters. Since everybody believes in having portable filters and can get clean and healthy Water instantly within no time. Additionally, unfiltered Water usually contains chlorine which is not ideal for drinking. However, this water filter reduces chlorine in taste and odor from every sip to become pleasant for drinking. Have a look at the professional guide on how to clean a water filter.


  • Durable water filter
  • Reduces chlorine quantity
  • It makes every sip pleasant
  • It helps you live a healthy lifestyle
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for many hikers
  • Not filter small particles

Bottom line:

Brita water filter is an amazing product that helps you live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it is an excellent water filter that undoubtedly removes all water contaminants from the Water and makes it suitable for drinking. Aside from that, the Brita water filter makes the Water pleasant to the extent that it makes every sip of Water more natural and good in taste. There are plenty of water filters available in the market, and it entirely depends on you which one you will choose. Be fast and get your portable water filter now.

3. LifeStraw Go Water – Best 2 stage water filter

LifeStraw Go Water

The following water filter is yet another one on the list which provides a fresh and clean supply of pure Water. Besides, this water filter removes all the harmful substances and contaminants from the Water to make it safe for drinking. Even more, every human needs fresh and clean Water to live a decent lifestyle. If you don’t get one, you will eventually die as harmful Water may cause your death. Aside from that,

Moreover, lifestraw go BPA-free water bottles filter water in a good quantity. Even though you are drinking Water, you can filter it in between. Apart from that, this lifestraw go. Water serves as great hiking, camping, and traveling partner. Besides, it also works wonders as an emergency kit.

Furthermore, the lifestraw go water filter is an award-winning water filter that wins almost everyone’s heart Because of its hollow fiber membrane, which removes all the bacteria and contaminants from Water to free it from all sorts of impurities. Either you filter Water from the lakes or the streams, you get all pure and safe drinking water no matter what if you use a lifestraw water filter. Besides, the two-stage activated carbon eliminates odor, chlorine, along with almost a zero aftertaste. Essentially, the filter removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria. Additionally, this filter capacitates around 23 oz of Water and is durable at the same time. Aside from that, the bottles also have replacement filters readily available which you can use to replace them as per your wish. However, a life straw goes water filter is the best investment that a hiker or a camper can make to make their life easy and convenient at the same time. You can instantly grab your water filter to get pure Water with zero aftertaste and no harmful chemicals.


  • It makes Water safe to drink
  • Portable
  • Convenient to use
  • Filters even small particles
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for travelers


  • Low quality
  • Not reliable

Bottom line:

Lifestraw go Water is an incredible water filter that fulfills all the needs of a hiker, camper, and trekker. Moreover, this is the perfect water filter for all the people who are about to go out and want a ready supply of pure and fresh Water. Aside from that, you can live a healthy lifestyle once you choose this water filter. Even more, this water filter serves as your best companion for traveling. You get Water free from all the harmful chemicals and bacterias that are present naturally. If you consume them, your health may deteriorate. So, it is essential to remove all the chemicals before you consume Water.

4. Survivor filter pro – Best hand pump water filter

Survivor filter pro

Being capable of storing pure Water is a highly verified product; what are you waiting for? The Survivor drop filter is one of the most recommended water filters by our expert teams—furthermore, it’s pretty durable, having a breadth of probably 8 inches. Thus enormous individuals, including expert teams, recommended it because of its versatility. Moreover, a user might adjust such a versatile filter with his back or any bottle. In addition, this user might use the tube to connect it if the user fails to adapt its specified nozzle because of the nonadjustable size.

Well, by approaching this high-quality filter, a user might have the pleasure of enjoying crystal clear water while making plans to travel. On the other hand, users might reuse and recycle these specially designed products that add value. Furthermore, the survivor filter is accompanied by multiple filters that you might change depending on a particular situation. If we emphasize these interchangeable filters, one is used to filter the Water from the tap. On the other hand, the second one is used to getting crystal clear water from natural environments such as seas, canals, or rivers.

On the other hand, developers designed these products keeping in view the health of their beloved customers. Therefore, survivor filter manufacturers created the filter by following the natural cycle. Hence this product is free from every toxic material and hazardous chemical that might affect the health of our beloved customers. Thus, the user must emphasize filling and consuming pure Water to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

One of the most crucial factors that add worth to its value is that the survivor water filter is relatively easy to use. Thus, all you need is to remove the cover and attached filter and refill the whole can with pure Water. Apart from this, the user often gets a user guide to be aware of its use. Thus, all you need is little maintenance to use it on a long-term basis.

Survivor filters play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean atmosphere. After all, this high-quality filter reduces carbon footprint significantly and highly contributes to maintaining a free and natural environment by minimizing disposable water glass and bottles.


  • Interchangeable filters
  •  Innovative filter system
  • Shell constructed with ABS material
  • 500-milliliter flow rate that’s super-fast
  • Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer
  • A single filter might fill several water gallons


  • Not much durable
  • Completely made with plastic material


If you wish to maintain good health and a healthy environment, you must prefer a survivor water filter to live a healthy life in a good way. Furthermore, you might use this elegant filter on a long-term basis. All you need is just proper maintenance of the specified product. For further details, the user might visit the trusted website or nearby shop in his hometown.

5. Membrane Solutions Water Filter – Best budget water filter

Membrane Solutions Water Filter

Membrane Solutions Water Filter is exactly the solution you are looking for to store distilled Water to explore outdoor activities and hill stations. Despite being small in size, Membrane Water Filter is quite capable of storing crystal clear water free from bacteria, chlorine, parasites, and other hazardous diseases that might affect one’s life cycle. Besides this, it’s quite capable of removing 90% germs from particular liquid individuals filled in water can. Apart from all of this Membrane Solution Filter is quite capable of storing several water gallons in quite an efficient manner.

Well, if you are talking regarding its specifications. Indeed, you will be excited to know that the Membrane Solution Filter is accompanied by a complete supporting kit, including an elegant adapter. However, this enhanced adapter is quite versatile and compact. On the other hand, an individual might connect this high-end adapter with water cans, water bottles, and water bags to update water quality to enjoy balanced life by drinking pure Water.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, the Membrane water filter approached 4 stage filtration techniques. Thus this technique makes it unique in comparison with other water filters. However, the 4-stage filtration technique aims to provide crystal clear water by eliminating 999.999% impurities. After all, the Membrane water filter includes a complete filter kit including filter screen, pp cotton, activated carbon, and fiber ultrafiltration membrane to assist the individual with good fragrance and chemical product. Thus, this approach is crucial in preventing us from becoming the victim of hazardous diseases such as bacteria, parasites, and much more.

Apart from all specifications, Membrane solution filter developers approach high-quality material to manufacture this specified product. Hence durable food-grade plastic designed by BPA and ABS plays a crucial role in assuring water safety and entertains the user with crystal clear water. Furthermore, the Membrane solution filter comprises a more petite frame in comparison with another water filter. Thus, this approach makes Membrane Water Filter more valuable to be used on a long term basis.

To facilitate pure Water while exploring hill stations or other outdoor activities, the user might approach this technique introduced by Membrane Water Filter manufacturers. Apart from this, compact size and light-weighted Water can be relatively easy to carry and suitable for exploring outdoor activities. On the other hand, an individual might use it for domestic, household, and clinical purposes.

Water Membrane Solution is pretty portable as a 6.7-inch-long straw perfectly fits in a water bottle, cup, glass, or other household utensils. On the other hand, this versatile filter is relatively light-weighted, about 2 ounces. Hence, it’s pretty perfect for adjusting our hands, gym pouch, jeans pockets, and bags. However, this small-sized filter enables you to fill about 1500 water gallons in one go. Furthermore, an individual might carry it along with himself at any location. Also, check out some of the portable water softeners we’ve reviewed so far.


  • Light-weighted and Durable filter
  • 4 stage super-efficient filtration system
  • Constructed with premium quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor water needs
  • Long life spans up to 1500 liter water


  • Not efficient for dissolved heavy materials
  • The pretty slow filtration process


If you want to opt for a portable water filter that you might take at any location, you must temporarily try a membrane water solution. Hence after proper verification, you might use such a product on a long-term basis. However, we assure you that you will fall in love with this product because of its elegant design.

6. Katadyn Hiker Pro Transparent Water Filter – Best lightweight water filter

Katadyn Hiker Pro Transparent

However, according to recent research, Katadyn Hiker Water Filter is the most demanding water filter available in branded stores in massive quantities. In addition to its demand, Hyper Pro Water Filter is quite adjustable, small, and easy to use. Apart from all of this, individuals get the chance to enjoy this elegant product on quite a reasonable budget. On the other hand, its smart design and lifestraw technology influence the massive individual. Hiker Transparent Filter’s elegant design makes a selection of this fantastic brand in one go.  After all, because of its elegant design and good package Hiker Water Filter has earned massive likes and impressive reviews from people worldwide. Furthermore, its interchangeable filter play’s a crucial role in facilitating the user with crystal clear Water.

As the health of the customer is a topmost priority. Thus, because of this efficient approach, this water filter is completely germs-free as its interchangeable filters can remove maximum impurities via efficient functionality. Therefore every individual might approach this high-quality filter within a matter of minutes.

However, this elegant water filter is efficiently filled up via its incredible fittings attached to probably ¼ hydration pack connections. Thus it plays a vital role in keeping every individual fit and hydrated for massive hours via its boosted functionality. Hence all you need is to make a smart selection and little maintenance for long-term use.

Apart from all of this, you will be pleased to know that the Katadyn Water Filtration plant plays a vital role in providing us pure Water free of chemicals or other dangerous elements. Therefore, we benefit from natural waste taste free of any impurity or any bacteria that might disturb our balanced life. Thus because of chemicals elimination, individual get the chance to taste the Water in the way it should be

Although this enhanced product is a bit small in size, it’s quite surprising to know that users might get the chance to fill up to 700 gallons of Water within a matter of minutes. Moreover, because of its compact size, Katadyn Transparent Water Filter is quite adjustable in an individual’s language such as backpack, purse, and vice versa.

Katadyn’s compatible product assures the safety of countless individuals belonging to different groups such as military groups, medical groups, and health organizations. Apart from all of this, mountain hikers and other individuals exploring outdoor adventures will enhance products. Moreover, this amazing filter brand enables you to store Water for massive purposes whether you are traveling, fishing, luggage packing, and much more.


  • Entertain with good water quality
  • Easy maintenance and use
  • Perfect weight and well packaged
  • Certain protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Ideal compact design for personal use


  • Replaceable cartridges are slight pricey
  • Not much durable

Bottom Line:

If you want crystal clear water free from all chemicals and toxic products, individuals must select the katadyn brand as quite reliable and well packaged. Apart from all of this, it’s quite compatible with luggage and bag packing. Moreover, it ensures the quality Water for massive individuals scattered in various groups such as military groups, health organizations, and much more. Thus, all you need is to make a detailed analysis before reaching any decision.

7. Purewell Water Purifier Pump – Best outdoor filter

Purewell Water Purifier Pump

Purewell Water Purifier Pump is a complete package for every individual who is thinking of exploring outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, visiting hill stations, and traveling for long routes. But on the other hand, it might prove helpful in the case of alarm and critical situations. However, you might achieve crystal clear water after eliminating 90% impurities by approaching an efficient filter attached to a particular water pump. Thus it will enable you to drink Water collected from the natural atmosphere, such as rivers, lakes, and canals.

In addition to crystal clear Water, its elegant adapter adds worth to its value. Thus you might connect such a light weighted adapter weighing about 32 ounces to your water bag, gym bag, and several pouches to transfer filtered and distilled Water.

The modern technology pump approached an advanced filtration setup consisting of probably 0.01 hollow fiber that plays its crucial role in removing unnecessary particles such as sand, pebbles, sediments, and vice versa. Apart from that, pure water pump developers approached coconut-activated carbon fiber to remove hazardous particles and other effective elements. Thus, this incredible measure plays a vital role in eliminating toxic materials from Water and making it safe to drink.

High-efficiency advanced systems involve advanced performance activated carbon fiber, High-performance hollow fiber, activated carbon rods, and medical-grade cotton. Thus, combining these advanced approaches makes your water jar more portable and one of the perfect solutions for storing Water in case of an emergency. In addition, this individual might convert toxic Water to safe and drinkable liquid. It doesn’t matter where it is collected after. These water filters are essential items to be packed while covering a long route or exploring outdoor adventure.

Purewell water pump is quite able to filter impure Water within a matter of minutes. According to recent research, an individual might filter 1400 ml of Water in a minute. However, individuals might use this pump to filter 793 water gallons while hiking. Moreover, individuals must store pure Water in a pure well water pump as its useability is highly dependent on water quality. The more you maintain your product, the longer it will last. However, a massive individual might get benefitted from a single unit of the pure well water pump.

Its ergonomic design approaches anti-skid rubber surrounding its side and bottom of the water pump plays a vital role in maintaining its balance while filling ample quantities of Water. Moreover, these highly used materials increase pump durability. Furthermore, manufacturers approached a tough handle to hold the water pump in hand. Thus because of its solid and advanced design, the pump is unbreakable.

This elegant water filter is operated without electricity or any kind of solar resources. You might convert rain and lake Water into clean and distilled Water. After all, individual gets the pleasure of highly purified water cause of ergonomic design and incredible measures approached by purewell developers. Here are our best water treatment systems for well water.


  • Ideal for  carrying on Backpacking & hiking
  •  Provides Toxic-free Water
  •  Perfect for Daily use
  • Pretty efficient 4 stage filter system
  • Compact design with a high flow rate
  • Perfect outdoor pump water filtration system


  • Hard to drink Water via a straw
  • Not good for all

Bottom Line:

If you are searching for a water filter that you might use on a long-term basis, you must select a pump well water filter as it is equipped with a tough handle that adds value to its firmness. Moreover, with little maintenance, you might use it on a long-term basis. Furthermore, to gather more details, users might visit the website or call on mentioned contact for further elaboration.

8. SimPure Gravity Water Filter Straw – Best straw water filter

SimPure Gravity Water Filter Straw

Every individual must keep a portable water filter for emergency preparedness. Similarly, we have tested this portable water filter straw named “SimPure Gravity filter for hiking and emergency needs.” It’s one of the best outdoor water purifiers that are pretty affordable. Particularly its 2 purification methods add meaning to its overall performance. Such purification methods are:

  1. PP fiber filter
  2. Granular Activated carbon

Firstly, its multi-design attracts users to this portable filter. Its expansion interface for connection to bottles, etc., has an extension tube that connects to direct water sources such as ponds, streams, rivers, etc. Further, its hanging gravity bag helps produce ready-to-use Water by using the Shut off clamp there.

Secondly, it’s pretty ideal for a family of 4 members as they can get up to 5000 liters of Water through this straw filter for 3.5 years. It’s lightweight, that’s only 2.8 ounces, and its long life span makes it more amazing for families. Additionally, it comes with carrying handles that help to hang it on a tree or another support for the sake of getting purified Water. If you keep on washing its water bag, then its lifespan can be increased more and more.

Thirdly, its advanced filtration system ensures its construction with 0.1-micron hollow fiber that is a pretty ultrafiltration membrane. Also, the GAC is constructed with a 5-micron coconut shell; hence they provide 99.99% chlorine, odor, and harmful; mineral removal.

Fourthly, it’s made with strong plastics and manufactured with FDA-certified BPA-free ABS material. It comes with a 3-liter BPA-free large bag for storage, a reliable source of clean drinking water.


  • Gravity water filter with 3 in 1 multi functions
  • Long life span up to 5000-liter Water
  • Ideal for a family of 4 members
  • It comes with BPA free TPU water storage bag
  • Reduces 99.9999% odors, harmful minerals, etc


  • It’s not a 4 pack water filter
  • Not useful for all users

Bottom Line:

Above all, I recommend this water filter that is a purifier bag. It’s a type of water filter named “straw filter.” I recommend it because it is an advanced filtration system that is pretty simple to use. Also, it can be connected to any river, stream, or water bottle to get plenty of clean drinking water.

9. Camelbak All Clear Purifier Bottle – Best portable water filter

Camelbak All Clear Purifier Bottle

Elegantly designed camelback water straw is in huge demand of massive individuals because of its standard quality products and standard quality material approached to enhance its toughness. However, if we emphasize its functionality, then according to experts, camelback uses ultraviolet treatment to remove impurities from Water collected by direct sources such as lakes, rivers, and streams. However, it doesn’t eliminate the stinky odor from the drain or river water. But on the other hand, it reduces unwanted pebbles and other particles to an enormous extent.

One of its exciting features is that camelback is accompanied by a lithium battery that enables the individual to use this high-quality bottle on a long-term basis.

One of its amazing specifications that make camelback water straw unique from other water filters is its high durability. Stability plays a vital role while enabling this water filter to be used for massive consecutive hours. On the other hand, the evolution of the tough side further prevents severe damage. Hence all you need is proper maintenance of your product.

The user manual Camelbak brand assists its developer with complete kits that also include lithium batteries to provide sufficient energy. After connecting your water pump with this charging device, individuals might enjoy the pleasure of such a great invention for consecutive massive hours.

Furthermore, the individual might distill an ample quantity of Water within a matter of minutes.  After proper distillation, you might deliver Water to another water bottle or water pump for safe storage. Moreover, its perfect size makes the water straw more durable and compatible to use.


  • Requires 1 minute only to purify Water
  • Get charged with a mini USB port
  • Super lightweight and portable water filter
  • Easy cleanup and use
  • Durable houses cap  safeguard it


  • Low capacity of water filtration
  • Have no prefilter

Bottom Line:

Any individual who wants to get facilitated with pure Water and long-term water use must go for a Camelbak purifier bottle. Just try this product temporarily, we assure you that you will fall in love with this product.

10. Philips GoZero Active Bottle – Best easy to use filter

Philips GoZero Active Bottle

Are you tired enough and looking for an active water bottle that filters your tap water and can be carried anywhere? Then this “Philips GoZero Active Bottle” is made for you. Mainly its pretty interesting features make it more unique among clusters of other portable water filters.

Firstly its 2 interchangeable water filter systems convert tap water into fresh and clean drinkable Water. These 2 water filter systems come with built-in indicators that let the users know when to replace them.

Secondly, its bottle-shaped portable water filter can be carried with you when hiking, camping, or outing. With a slight squeeze, you get clean drinking water. Further, there is no need to do any pumping, waiting, or anything else.

Thirdly the innovative filtration system named “electro Adsorptive filter” works too efficiently on water sources and provides clean Water for drinking. It is guaranteed to reduce 99% of bacteria and viruses from Water. Moreover, this filter bottle was constructed keeping in mind human health. Therefore, it’s an environmentally friendly reusable bottle that lowers carbon and promotes health.

Fourthly, its premium BPA-free plastic construction ensures that it is chemical-free, and you will get healthy, clean Water from it as there are 2 interchangeable filters in it. So one filter filters up to 26 gallons and then requires replacement. According to my experience, its filter requires replacement after every 4 weeks.

Additionally, its complete water system lets you rehydrate and replenish anytime, anywhere you want. Its leakproof bottle has a built-in carry loop so that you can go with it anywhere without fear of its leakage. It’s reusable, so it saves much of your cost for filtered Water.


  • 2 interchangeable water filter systems
  • The built-in indicator indicates replacement
  • Hassle-free and easy to use a water bottle
  • Residues 99.99% bacterias and viruses from Water
  • 1 filters provide up to 26 gallons of Water before replacement


  • Some of them start dribbling after a few days of use
  • Not good for all users

Bottom Line:

In brief, if you want an easy-to-use portable water filter bottle, then this one could be the best choice for you. Its water transformation is pretty fast, which is an admirable feature. Within a few minutes, your tap water transformed to clean drinking water with an assurance of being 99% germ-free. So as per my recommendations, you must go with it.

What to consider while buying the best portable water filter?


Finding the best portable water filters sometimes becomes a troublesome task for many people as it requires research. Aside from that, there are plenty of portable water filters readily available in the market, and each one is better than the other when it comes to performance. Furthermore, it depends on you which one you choose as per your convenience and budget. Apart from that, in the next section, we will discuss how to choose a water filter.

Type of portable water filter to consider:

There are several types of water filters from which you can choose one type for your convenience. Furthermore, although all the portable water filters work in the same way, still each water filter filters Water differently. Aside from that, now let’s look at all the types and how they filter out Water.

Straw filters

The first filter to discuss here is straw filters that are extremely light in weight. Moreover, similar to the name, these filters truly look like large straws. Additionally, these straw filters even work similarly to that straw. Apart from that, all you need to do is get close to the water source and draw Water inside the straw.  The straw that these filters use is not the ordinary one.

Moreover, this straw is more powerful as compared to the normal straw. Besides, the filtration process is straightforward and easy. Even more, the straw filters require cartridges made up of a hollow fiber membrane. Moreover, these fibers are tightly woven together so that the Water has to pass through many layers before filtration. Furthermore, the holes are 0.2 microns wide, which easily filters the impurities from the Water. Additionally, the bacteria and harmful elements are larger than the holes, so they stay out, and the purified Water passes through the filter.

Pump filters

Pump filters are not usually that small, but one can easily fix them in the backpack. Even more, all you need to do is connect the lead line to the water source and another line to the water recipient. Then you can use a small hand pump to draw the Water. Some pumps use fiber filters; some depend on ceramic filters, while some rely on activated carbon. Aside from that, the fiber filters function similarly to that of the straw filters and prevent the contaminants from reaching the purified Water.

Bottle filters

Here is another factor that you may consider before you buy a water filter. Moreover, bottle filters come with great advantages. You can remove the filter cartridge and use it as a normal drinking water bottle which is highly convenient unless your Water is free from bacteria and germs. However, if you feel that the Water you are drinking is not safe and full of contaminants, then you can put it on the filter cartridge and easily drink it to keep your immune system safe from unhealthy Water.

Gravity filters

Another interesting factor to consider before buying a water filter is the gravity filter type which is the perfect match for hikers, campers, and trekkers. Furthermore, these filters are useful for traveling because of no electricity in the mountains or so. These filters are perfect for travelers as they can easily get pure Water from this model. Even more, this filter is made of 2 containers. Additionally, one container passes the pure Water for drinking, and the other comes with a tap from where you can refill Water.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best portable water filter?

Thes best portable water filter so far is LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking.

What is the simplest type of portable water filter?

The simplest type of water filter is a straw filter.

What is the best water filter pitcher for ?

The best water filter pitcher 2020 is ZeroWater ZP-010.

Are our portable water filters safe to use?

One water filter cartridge can clean up 100,000 liters of contaminated Water and make it safe for drinking. However, it is genuinely safe to drink Water passed through a filter.

Why should Water be treated to make it portable for humans?

Water treats impurities and contaminants from the Water to make it safe to drink. Moreover, the treatment is essential for human health; otherwise, human health can deteriorate. Impure Water is not suitable for human health. So cleaning Water before drinking is the best option.

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

Brita removes several contaminants from the Water, so it becomes safe for drinking. Additionally, it has a higher percent reduction when it comes to impurities. So Brita is the best one so far if one wants to remove contaminants from the Water. The best portable water filter is an excellent option for you to have the purest form of Water.


After reviewing 10 top-notch portable water filters, we must admit that portable water filters have significance in our life. They are not merely for those who are going hiking or camping but for everyone. Their instant and fast water purification, durability, multi-stage filtration and removal of viruses, lightweight, and portability are some of the ideal features needed by everyone. We admit that finding a premium quality low priced portable water filter is not easy. Therefore, we tested and then reviewed these 10 filters for your ease. But still, if you are unable to select one for you, then you must go with any of them given below:

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  • Brita Plastic Water Filter

We assure you that they are amazing.