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Best Countertop Water Filters – Reviews & Guide

Are you tired of searching for the best countertop water filters that provide you quality clean water and is easily installed simultaneously? Then give a read to this article.

Water with its miraculous effects on health can cause severe damage to body organs if contaminated with impurities. This article will review the features of countertop water filters that can provide you clean tap water and enhance your health.

Also, they are portable. It means you can carry them away with you anywhere you want, whether you are going to the office or traveling off the station. Since they are fitted on countertops and visible, you should choose the design which adds eloquence to the overall appearance of the kitchen or room.

Another important thing is to see the cost of filters and maintain them over time. Last but not least is that you should scrutinize your water before buying one since each one is designed to remove only specific impurity.



Brita Standard

Brita Standard Metro Water

  • Easy to use and easy lockable lid
  • Water pitcher filter with a compact design
  • Easy to pour filter with electric indicator




ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018

  • 5 stage water filtration process
  • Removes impurities from water
  • Perfect water filter for large families



Brita Basic

Brita Basic Faucet Water

  • Easy to install a clean and great tasting water filter
  • It does not require tools for installation
  • 99% lead and chlorine

Top 10 the best countertop water filters:

Numerous of the best countertop water filters are available in the market, and each is designed to remove the specific impurity of water. Sometimes, the drinking water appears muddy due to the presence of solid particles suspended in water. Ultrafiltration filter is the answer to this problem. It removes the solid particles floating in the water.

Lastly, countertop water distillers are available, which produce mineral-free water.

If you have decided to buy one for your house, you should know a few things about them. Here we have listed and reviewed in detail some of our tested best countertop water filters for your ease. Go through them and pick the best one for you.

1. Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher – Best countertop pitcher filter

Brita Standard Metro Water

Isn’t it irritating and harmful to use poor quality of water in daily life? Exactly, it is perilous and causes many serious health issues. Brita brings a Standard Metro Water filter pitcher for neglecting this problem, which is used for storing and pouring water in it. However, the Brita Standard Metro Water filter pitcher has the capacity of 5 cups of water at a time. It means you can store almost up to 2 liters in it easily.

In addition, this pitcher improves the taste of water. So, you can easily replace nearly 1800 water bottles of plastic for the whole year, and it saves you more money. According to my assumptions, Brita is a comprehensive water filter that removes metals like mercury, copper, chlorine and gives 100% pure water. Furthermore, you can easily change the long last filter of Brita at your home.

After using the Brita filter pitcher in testing, it is noted that people achieve water without any germs, metals, and other minerals. The reason is that the Brita filter removes all copper, mercury, zinc, and other harmful minerals. In addition, it removes all the hardness from the water.

On the contrary, the total weight of the Brita filter is 1.39 pounds, and the pitcher’s dimension is 9.33 × 4.29 × 8.88 inches. In addition, the frame of this best countertop water filter pitcher is made up of plastic with the requirement of 1 battery for working.


  • Water pitcher filter with a compact design
  • Easy to use and easy lockable lid
  • Ideally fits in refrigerator shelves
  • Easy to pour filter with electric indicator
  • Supplies freshest water
  • Compatible long last filter within an affordable price
  • Used for filling 24 ounces reusable water bottles


  • It does not stay longer due to its material quality
  • Not suitable for large families

Bottom line:

Above all, Brita Pitcher is an efficient filter pitcher because I achieve the best results of filtration. Do you like the reviews of this filter pitcher? If yes, then buy yours and save yourself from various diseases, and have germ-free freshwater.

2. ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher – Best affordable pitcher water filter

ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018

Are you worried about the expensive filters which are out of your budget? If yes, then you don’t need to worry more about this. However, all the water filters are costly, and people cannot afford to buy them. But now, Zero Water, a well-known brand in the field of filters, produces an ideal filter pitcher with about 23 cups.

What makes Zero water filter pitcher more valuable? According to my use, the reason is that the ZD-018 ZD018 filter pitcher has a reliable quality. Above all, the major reason is that the ZD-018 ZD018 pitcher is more affordable than other filters. Further, it is easily replaceable at home under a low budget.

According to the testing, the ZeroWater ZD-018 pitcher removes almost all the organic and inorganic impurities from the water. In addition, Zerowater gives 99.6% purity to water by removing all the solid metals and bacteria from the water.

On the contrary, the weight of the Zerowater filter pitcher is about 5.06 pounds with dimensions of about 14. 96 × 5.51 × 10.63 inches. However, the ZD-018 ZD018 pitcher frame is made up of plastic with a maximum capacity of 5.4 liters of water.


  • Perfect water filter for large families
  • Provides fresh and clean water
  • 5 stage water filtration process
  • Removes impurities from water
  • It comes with a TDS meter
  • It comes with a slim and compact tank and nondripping spigot


  • Short filtration span
  • More often, filters need to be replaced

Bottom line:

Indeed, the ZeroWater filter pitcher is considered outstanding in all ways. What are you waiting for now when you can buy the best filter pitcher on a reasonable budget? Order your pitcher and welcome it to the new home.

3. Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System – Best water filter with electric indicator

Brita Basic Faucet Water

Are you still looking for the best functioning filtration system to reduce many contaminants from your tap water? If you are looking for such a system, then Brita company manufactures a comprehensive water filter. Yes, the Brita Basic Faucet water filter system is the best water filter that removes almost 60 different contaminants from the tap water. However, it requires the replacement of gallons after 3 months.

Mainly, the basic faucet filter has an extra layer to remove more contaminants from the water. Further, the Brita filter system improves the taste of tap water and reduces the poor odor of chlorine. However, the main unit of the filter system protects the chlorine, fluorine metals and reduces the odor of water to a great level. Above all, you can easily install and replace the filter at your home according to your desired needs. Check out the best water filters to remove fluoride.

Furthermore, the whole weight of the Brita basic faucet system is about 0.93 pounds, with the dimensions are around about 2.53 × 6.5 × 9.75 inches.


  • Easy to install a clean and great tasting water filter
  • It does not require tools for installation
  • 99% lead and chlorine-free water
  • It comes with an electronic filter indicator for easy replacement
  • Space efficient compact design get quickly attached to a faucet


  • Water leakage starts after a few months of use
  • It needs to be replaced after every 3 months

Bottom line:

Above all, the faucet water filter system is the best countertop filter system in the world. It was manufactured with many unique features which are very useful to minimize the impurities from water. So, I suggest you try this outstanding basic faucet filter system which is also affordable.

4. 200-Gallon Long-Lasting Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher – Best 10 cup filter pitcher

200-Gallon Long-Lasting Chubby

Did you know that water in our homes has many heavy metals like mercury, chlorine? If yes, then you may be in search of a long-lasting filter pitcher. For solving this issue, WaterDrop produced a top-quality filter price that is reasonable for buying.

Mainly, essential facts that make it before other pitchers are that the Waterdrop filter pitcher has 7 main stages of filtering water. It means that a chubby filter pitcher will give you the purest and cleanest water. However, the filtration power of the chubby filter pitcher is strong, so it kills all the germs and bacteria from water by keeping essential minerals in the water.

On the contrary, the Waterdrop Filter Pitcher has a greater lifespan of about 200 gallons, making this pitcher more useful than others. In addition, you can easily use this chubby filter pitcher without having much knowledge.

However, the weight of the Waterdrop filter pitcher is 2.5 pounds with a dimension of 10.4 × 5.3 × 10 inches. In addition, the total capacity of the whole pitcher is 3.5 liters with the capacity of about 10 cups of water.

Further, I want to add that the frame of this Chubby filter pitcher is made up of lead-free and activated carbon material. That’s why a chubby filter pitcher has more lifespan.


  • BPA free 10 cup water filter pitcher
  • Made with high-quality BPA free plastic
  • Has indicator to monitor the quality of water
  • Pretty easy to refill the pitcher without removing its lid
  • Rigid free handle to hold while pouring
  • produces 200 gallons of water
  • Use multi-stage water filter technology to clean


  • Bacterias remain in the water even after filtration
  • It does Not contain ribbed silicone to avoid slipping

Bottom line:

So, here I gave an honest review about the Water Drop chubby filter pitcher as the pitcher is outstanding due to its unique features and the best filter pitcher. That’s why it is highly recommended from my side because the features are very genuine.

5. ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour Dispenser – Best water filter dispenser

ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour

Are you thinking of replacing your old dispenser with the better one? If yes, then you must replace it with ZeroWater 20 Cup Ready-Pour Dispenser. As we all know, water is essential for everybody, so drinking clear and pure water should be your priority. For this, Zerowater ready pour dispenser is satisfactory because you can easily reserve water in it, and the water keeps on filtering until you use it.

In addition, the Zerowater dispenser completes the filtration process in total 5 stages. So, it means that water after filtration from the Zerowater dispenser water becomes 100% pure without any organic and inorganic impurities. So, the dispenser changes the tap water into a delicious taste. However, as the functioning of the dispenser is quite easy and useful, I recommend using this as the best water filter at your office. But, it is also useful for filtering water at your home.

In addition, the total weight of the ZeroWater dispenser is 3.3 pounds, and the dimensions are almost 10.63 × 5.5 × 11.75 inches. Further, this dispenser can store 20 cups of water at a time, and the whole frame of the dispenser is made up of plastic. Besides this, the Zerowater dispenser is one of the best dispensers available at cheap rates in the market.


  • Fully compact design that fits in the fridge
  • Enough for small families
  • Lightweight portable, and super durable water filter
  • It uses 5 stages to filter water
  • Removes 99.6% dissolved solids from water
  • Provides purest tasting water


  • Not recommended for all users
  • It starts leaking after a few days of use

Bottom line:

In the end, this water filter pitcher has satisfactory results. So, this filter by ZeroWater is highly recommended, according to my reviews. If you find this dispenser useful, then get your dispenser to avoid major health issues.

6. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter – Best stainless steel water filter

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed

Do you get annoyed by drinking water that is full of impurities and damage to your health? So, if you are facing water issues, then Big Berkey manufactures a water filter only for you. Yes, Big Berkey Gravity fed water filter removes all the dangerous contaminants from the water and provides your water with purity for avoiding your health issues. In addition, it does not use any type of chemical while filtering.

The bonus point about the Big Berkey Water filter is that it is very simple to use. Simply, you just have to put water in the filter and then leave the filter to do its work. Further, you can place this Berkey water filter anywhere at your home because the parts of this water filter are moveable. However, this filter works slower than others. I mean to say it takes more time to filter water than other filters and dispensers. But it is not considered a negative point at all.

Furthermore, the total weight of the Big Berkey Gravity Fed filter system is 3.1 kilograms, and the dimensions are almost 8.5 × 8.5 × 9.2 inches. Further, this filter system has a total capacity of about 2.25 gallons and can store many cups of water at a time, and the whole frame of the dispenser is made up of stainless steel. Besides this, the Big Berky filter is one of the best filtration products available at cheap rates in the market.


  • 6000 gallons lifespan
  • Unique, stylish appearance
  • Durable and portable water filter
  • Constructed with premium stainless steel
  • It does not require connection with a water source


  • Requires a large space
  • It does Not filter water instantly
  • It does not fit in the refrigerator

Bottom line:

In the end, The Big Berkey Gravity-Fed water filter is recommended as I have used it myself. However, it is also the top-rated filter with a brilliant performance. So, to avoid water issues, you must buy this outstanding filter system.

7. iSpring CKC1C Countertop Drinking Water Filtration System – Best taste water filter

iSpring CKC1C Countertop

Do you want to place a well water filtration system at your home? If yes, then you are surely looking for this type of filter. Here, iSpring brings a CKC1C countertop filtration system for your ease. Ispring is a well-known company that manufactures high-quality filtration systems for home uses. Moreover, it has a countertop system for water filtration and removes more than 200 different contaminants from water. In addition, the ispring countertop system does not use any chemicals for water purity.

Moreover, the iSpring countertop filter has 5 microns carbon block cartridges used to remove almost 95% impurities and metals from water. The bonus point about the CKCI1C filtration system is that it is really easy to install in your homes. I mean to say that you do not need any drilling to install this filtration system. If you have a small place at your home for setting filtration systems, then I gave you the best opinion to try the CKC1C filtration system.

According to the research, the iSpring CKC1C countertop filtration system removes a greater percentage of organic and inorganic impurities from the water. In addition, Zerowater gives 95% original purity to water by removing all the dangerous metals and minerals from the water. On the contrary, the weight of CKC1C weighs about 4.0 pounds with dimensions of about 5 × 5 × 12 inches. However, the frame of CKC1C is made up of plastic.


  • Real-time inspectable see-through housing
  • Ultra-safe filter that removes 95% chlorine
  • It does not require drilling for installation
  • Perfect portable countertop filter
  • Requires low maintenance and replacement after 6 months


  • No indicator there
  • TDS reading is not accurate

Bottom line:

In brief, the iSpring CKC1C countertop filter contains all the necessary elements of an ideal filter. So,  Do you like the features of the CKC1C Filtration system? If yes, then you must give a chance to this amazing working system used for filtration. Check out the reviews of the best salt-free water filters.

8. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System  – Best all in one water filter

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus

As the many toxic elements are present in water, which are very dangerous for your health. To avoid these minerals and metals, you need to set any filtration system at your home. Are you also looking for a filtration system to get pure water for drinking?

If you are looking, then New Wave company manufactures the best 10 stages plus water filtration system. Further, the New Wave Enviro system is manufactured with outstanding and premium features.

However, the important fact about the Enviro filter system is that it came with a multi-stage filtration process that removes all the chemicals and harmful metals from the water. In addition, the process of filtration is completed in a total of 10 stages by the Enviro filtration system. However, the Enviro system is 100% ideal and satisfactory for small places and requires only a few inches of installation.

In addition, the New Wave Enviro 10 stage plus filtration system reduces almost all the harmful impurities from the tap water. Further, the Enviro Filtration system provides nearly 96% purity to water by removing all the unnecessary metals and minerals from the water.

Besides this, the weight of the Enviro filtration system is about 0.5 pounds with dimensions of about 12.2 × 4.6× 5.6 inches. However, the New Wave filter frame is made up of plastic with a maximum capacity of about 2400 gallons with easy installation.


  • Efficiently eliminates all contaminants from water
  • Perfect countertop water filter
  • 10 stage plus filtration system
  • Fully cost-effective filter
  • Easy to connect to your main water source


  • Layers of the filter start blending into each other
  • Slightly pricey

Bottom line:

On the whole, saving a cost of 6000 bottles annually is a big deal, and this “New wave Enviro 10 stage plus water filter” can help you do so only if you Are satisfied with the features of this filter. You must try 10 stages plus a filtration system that provides effective filtration to your water.

9. Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Drinking – Water Filter System:

Aquasana AQ-4000W

Are you ready to go through the review of the comprehensive filter system, which is mainly used to purify your tap water? The review is beneficial for all and helps you avoid all the minerals and metals from your drinking water. Aquasana is a leading company for the best production of water filters. Here, the AQ-4000W filter is one of their best filtration systems for home and office usage.

In addition, the AQ-4000W system removes almost 97% of harmful contaminants present in water and reduces the hardness of water efficiently. However, no permanent installation is required for the AQ-4000W filter system. I mean to say that you can place or fix this filtration system at any desirable place. Further, this water filtration system requires only a few replacements after installation.

According to my assumptions, Aquasana AQ-4000W has a greater lifespan than others of about 0.4 gallons per minute, making AQ-4000W more useful than others. However, the weight of the Aquasana drinking filtration system is 2.86 pounds and the dimension of 12 × 7 × 4 inches. In addition, the AQ-4000W system controls the temperature range of 40-90°F.  While filtration, the AquaSana filter does not remove the essential minerals that are good for health.


  • It does Not require permanent fixation/installment.
  • Supplies great tasting and clean water
  • Retains healthy minerals in the water
  • Easy replacement and use
  • Gravity based water  filter pitcher
  • Reduces the organic chemicals and heavy materials


  • Water flows slowly after its installation

Bottom line:

What are you waiting for now when you can buy a filter for avoiding health issues? As the filter is satisfactory due to high demands in the market. So, I recommend you try the AQ-4000W filtration system.

10. Home Master TMJRF2E Jr F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filtration System – Best compact water filter

Home Master TMJRF2E Jr

Do you have any idea why people are taking measures to get 100% pure water? The answer is that they use different filtration systems to avoid health issues caused by drinking tap water. Here, Home Master manufactures the best countertop water filters, and TMJRF2E Jr F2 Elite Sinktop Water Filtration System is one of their best production of filtration systems.

In addition, the TMJRF2E Jr F2 filtration system not only removes all the impurities from water but also gives a better taste to the water. The key point about the TMJRF2E Jr F2 system is that besides effective working and performance, this filtration system is very affordable according to your budget. However, it is not 100% comprehensive, but TMJRF2E Jr F2 removes more than 93% of heavy metals like fluorine, chlorine from the tap water.

According to the testing results, the total weight of the Elite skin top filter system is 4.45 pounds, and the dimensions of TMJRF2 Jr F2 are almost 5 × 5 × 12 inches. Further, the skin top water filtration system has a total capacity of about 2.25 gallons and operates at a temperature of 40°F-100°F.


  • Compact and portable design
  • 3 stage water filter system
  • Supplies water continuously
  • Easy to install and use
  • Improves water taste and smell


  • It needs to be replaced frequently
  • Short life span

Bottom line:

In sum, the Home Master Elite skintop filtration system is one of the best water filters in the UK, which has great efficiency power to purify water. The TMJRF2E Jr F2 filtration system is amazing at all, so this is recommended from my side. I hope the review will be helpful to you, so giving a chance to try this outstanding system is not a bad option.

Best countertop water filters- Buying Guide:


Thus, if someone will buy the best countertop water filter for the first time, it is not a simple and easy job. Because numerous factors must be considered before buying. Further given below is the complete buyer guide with detailed specifications and features. These factors provide you an idea of what should be present in the best countertop water filters?

 Filtration Ability:

Hence, it must check the water filters’ filtration ability because it is an essential factor to consider before buying. Because if you are searching for the water filter that provides you benefits. So, we must know what contaminants can be removed from selected water filters. Water filters must eliminate all the contaminants that produce the bad smell, decrease water quality, and affect the taste. These are the signs of good filters. Moreover, always select a filter that can remove chlorine, arsenic, and lead from water.

Easily Handle:

Additionally, hundreds of water filters available with different operating mechanisms and designs in the market. Some of the water filters have a complex operating procedure, while others have a simple. So, always try to select the filter that you can handle easily.


Moreover, which water filter works for a long time does not depend on the type of filter. Because filters need continuous maintenance if you want to use them for a long time. Maintenance needs vary from filter to filter type. So, carefully read the manual of water filters to know what type of maintenance your filter needs.

Water Taste:

Aside from all factors, we must check that water filters produce healthy and clean water for drinking. Because the taste of filter water is alkaline because it eliminates minerals like magnesium and calcium from the water. When the water filter doesn’t contain minerals means it is a worthy filter. But many people don’t like this taste.


Further enormous factors affect the cost of water filters. Because water filters of reputed brands are costly, or the filters operate at complex mechanisms are also expensive. But you can search for the filter that is in your budget. Expensive water filters are not always a good selection that is worthy.

 Indication Sign:

Thus always try to buy a water filter that has an indication sign or point. Moreover, when your filter reaches that sign, it doesn’t work properly, and you have to buy a new water filter.


Another most important factor to consider in selecting the water filter NSF or WQA (Water Quality Association) certified. Because international certification shows that the experts test these filters.


Warranty is another important factor to consider before buying. Because no one wants to waste money on useless things. Always select a water filter that has a long warranty. Some water filters ideally work for 2 or 3 months, but some for 6 to 1 year.

We have mentioned the necessary factors above that must be present in the best water filters. Moreover, we are confident that this article surely helps you select the best countertop water filters and choose the best. Even more, you can save your money if you select a countertop water filter of the highest quality.


What is the best countertop water filter?

The best countertop filter is not a dream now when the Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher is there to serve you. This filter system has all the essential features of a water filter pitcher.

Do countertop water filters work?

After little installation, the countertop fitters work effectively. They come with a diverter valve that is used for turning the filter on and off. Overall the countertop water filter is the best and simplest device to get germ-free water.

Which type of water filter is best?

Though numerous water flyers are used in our homes and organizations, the best one among all is the countertop water filters. They are simple to use and easy to install filter devices.


At last, we are going to conclude the discussion on the water filter. Mainly, water filters are in great demand nowadays. The reason is that they save us from many harmful diseases that are caused by drinking tap water. In this article, I have reviewed the best countertop filters, which are efficient in their workings and reasonable in price.

However, according to my suggestions, the:

  •  Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher
  •  ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

are known ones around the world. According to today’s situation, many areas in the world are facing severe water issues. So, everyone must have a filter or filter pitcher in their homes to get drinkable water that is safe to use.