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Are blender bottles dishwashers safe?

Blender bottles are commonly used by bodybuilders, school & office-going workers to carry cold shakes, juices, protein shakes, etc. It is a source to store and carry drinkable liquid. It is good for health to wash the blender bottles after use. From which substance such as dishwasher we should use to wash blender bottles that a common question. To solve this problem, we will take it under discussion today, Are Blender Bottles Dishwashers Safe?

Before Starting the discussion of our blender bottles Dishwashers safe, let’s first understand some basics of blender bottles. There are many types of blender bottles. Each blender bottles have different characteristic such as some bottles are dishwasher safe, bisphenol A free while some are not. You should check a few things before buying any blender bottles, such as if the bottle is bisphenol A-free or if it can be washed in the dishwasher. let us start the nitty-gritty discussion on are the blender bottles dishwasher safe.

Are blender bottles dishwashers safe?

Yes, Blender bottles are safe for dishwashers. Blender bottles have a plastic ball inside them, that helps in the blending of smoothies, protein shakes. Some blenders have an additional container that is called a dry container. Blender bottle classic, Hydracup bottles, and pro stack blender bottles are commonly popular for having an additional dry container. What is the meaning of having an additional dry container, and what is the use of this container in the dishwasher? Actually, these containers are portable and remove from the blender bottle. So, it makes life easy to wash or clean it from inside or outside. By using a dishwasher to clean the blender dry container, no effect will be seen.

Moreover, before buying any type of blender bottle check the following things will make you know, that it will be clean by dishwasher safe or not. Such things are, the blender should be BPS FREE along with a dry container. BPS or bisphenol A is a chemical, that uses in a plastic blender bottle. Actually, it helps to make the plastic more resilient and stronger from leakage but it is not good for dishwasher. If a blender bottle is not free from bisphenol A chemical, then don’t use a dishwasher for cleaning purposes. As a result, now it is not dishwasher safe.

Are blender bottles dishwashers safe

What material make blender bottles dishwasher safe:

A blender bottle consists of a ball, lid, and straw. The ball is made of stainless steel, numbers of steel wires are attached in the clockwise or anticlockwise shape. It is placed inside the blender jar. The main purpose of this ball is to help in making or blending smoothies and shakes.

These types of bottles work efficiently for protein shakes and fiber drinks. All components are safe for dishwashers. One thing just has to take care of while putting it inside the dishwasher is to place the lid and dry container on the top rack. Because it is quite safe. Most blender bottles are made of plastic if your blender bottle is BPA-free, then it’s ok if you place all the components in the first rack in the dishwasher.

Now, for cleaning the other components of the blender bottle should be in place in the silverware bin. Also, by using hot water and baking powder, it is possible to clean blender bottles.

It is good practice to wash the blender bottles after use because some of the blending materials such as protein powder, smoothies leave an unpleasant smell in the bottle. Moreover, its leaves some mixture particles in the bottom. If you neglect the bottle without clean for a long time, it might discolor it and leaves a bad odor as well. The dishwasher will help to remove this bad smell somehow. But you have to remove this bad odor with some other method.

Put some baking soda and hot water in the bottle left it overnight for several hours. Then wash it with plain water. You can also use white vinegar with warm water to get rid of bad odor. If you are still facing a bad odor problem, use a peel of orange and put it inside the blender bottle, and cover it with its lid. Then let the orange peel inside the bottle for a day. The next day, with great hope, all the bad smell leaves from the blender bottle.

There is a permanent solution for keeping it clean. You can also do it; it is only a one-step process. Just clean the blender bottle after each blending and mixing process. It is also necessary to do it. Because bisphenol A has an ability to assimilating all the smoothies smell and with time all the smell becomes part of the blender bottle. So, first, place the blender bottle inside the dishwasher and then clean the lid or ball with dishwashing liquid.

Let us discuss some dishwasher-safe blender bottles.

Pro Stack Blender Bottle Dishwasher safer:

Almost every bottle is dishwasher safe. The first of them is the pro stack blender bottle that we are going to take under discussion. It is a completely dishwasher-safe bottle. This blender bottle also has extra dry storage. So, the chances of retaining the unpleasant odor increase with time in it. do the cleaning process here same, put it in the first stack in the dishwasher. And clean the lid and cup by hand by using warm water and dishwashing liquid. After that wash it with plain water, and ensure it that all the bad smell have been removed.


In the conclusion, we can say that all the blender bottles are completely dishwasher safe. You do not need to worry about washing or cleaning blender bottles with dishwashers. I used to place a dry container and lid on the top rack of the dishwasher. Because even it helps to reduce unpleasant odor.

We recommend you do not think too much while placing the blender bottle in the dishwasher and place it in the top rack as well instead of placing it in the middle or bottom rack.